Christmas Templates for Blogger 0 comments

Since Christmas is approaching, a new category for it has been added to the Trix blogspot template generator version 2. Have also designed one template and added in there. I will design few more templates and will add it in that category. Meanwhile, if you design any templates, you can also submit your designs. Those designs will also be added to those category.

Christmas Templates

Jingle : This is the first template I designed for Christmas. I hope you like it. Here you can have a demo of the template.

To download and use the template, check our free templates page.

Google Adsense Click Exchange - Beware ! 0 comments

Google adsense is one of the most popular ways to earn from website, by displaying Ads. When a visitor to your website clicks on the ads displayed, you will get some small amount. The amount depends on Advertiser and also on how much benefit the Advertiser gets because of the Click from that visitor. There are many services like Adsense. But many website owners used to register for Adsense, because of high Cost Per Click it provides when compared to other services.

There are few ways by which one can earn money by creating Invalid Clicks. Auto clickers or bots, click exchanges, proxies are few such ways. But Google is long enough providing this service, and has mechanisms to detect these invalid clicks. It analyses the number of clicks and the popularity of the websites. There are many other ways by which it detects invalid clicks. Once it comes to the conclusion that a web developer is trying to fraud, It directly bans the account, takes back the amount and gives it back to the advertiser.

Now lets take this into Advertisers point of View. I am an advertiser, I advertise my website through Adwords (Googles service), my ads gets displayed in websites which has been registered for Adsense. Now that website owner clicks the ad, and comes to my site. He does nothing and I do not benefit from that person. Now if i have the settings to pay for clicks in Adwords, then I need to pay for the person who has done nothing to me. So when these number of invalid clicks increases, I will lower my amount per click. Result ? cost per click will reduce for everyone.

Lets have a different look into this. Assume in one country(say India) people are so greedy for money and many started to create invalid clicks. Advertisers will now restrict their ads to be shown in such countries from where there is few or no benefit/sales for the Advertiser. Result, other adsense users are affected.

So is it a good Idea to make invalid clicks and Loose your Adsense account and create problem for other adsense users ?

Think again ! There are many better ways to earn :)