Basics of HTML 0 comments

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) , provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document — by denoting certain text as links, headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on — and to supplement that text with interactive forms, embedded images, and other objects.

HTML is a format in which many web pages are written. These web pages are then uploaded to servers (similar to our Hard Disk). These web pages are accessed using URLs. For eg) this is the URL, or we can "" this as a path to the HTML file. In that link, there is more info on what is domain name. This is enough for now.

Though there are many Softwares that will help you to ease your task, you can very well use a Notepad to write your HTML. Once you finish writing your HTML code save the file as "Filename.html" (not a TXT file) and you are done.

Here I would like to share some examples that would help you understand the basics of HTML. As said earlier, HTML is a markup Language, meaning every portion of the page is marked using something called TAGS (or Markup) to tell the browser how to display each portion. Say for example, If I want to display "This is My Blog" in the page I am creating, and I need to display "My Blog" in red color, I would write something like
This is <tag for red color>My Blog</tag ends here>
The text "My blog" is marked by tags. The tags tell the browser that it should display the text between the tags as red color. There are various tags for various purposes which you will see in the example file.

<tag> is used to tell the browser that following portion should be formatted based on the tag inside < and >
</tag> is used to tell that the earlier defined tag ends at that point.

Every HTML page has two sections. Head section and Body section. Generally Head section contains information about your page. Body section is used for displaying the contents of your page. As said earlier, we need to tell browser that this is the head section and this is body section. So we write something like this.
Everything in the head section comes here.
Everything in the body section comes here.
HTML tag - tells that it is the start of the HTML document. When you access the file from the server using an URL, something similar to that page will be downloaded and your browser will decide how to display the contents in the html file depending on the markups and tags used in that file. Most tags can be nested, meaning one tag can come inside the portion belonging to another tag which you will see later. Also most tags have attributes or we can say some parameters which we can use to better define the portion or markups.

We can also write comments in the HTML file so that others can understand the code or even for you it may help in the future. It is a good practise to comment each and every section. Whatever we type as comments are bypassed by the browser
<!-- Everything Here is a comment
I am Trix.
I am the owner of this Blog
Now it is time for you to see this Chart where many codes are listed with examples shown for each code and tag. Most tags which you want are explained in that Chart.

If you see any HTML page, you can view the code by opening View -> Page Source (for Firefox) or View -> Source (for Internet Explorer). This helps you to know how the page is written.

Self Confidence vs Inferiority Complex 2 comments

Self confidence and Inferiority complex are inversely proportional. More you have self confidence in one thing, the lesser is your inferiority complex. Self confidence is one of the key points to success in a person's life. So I would like to share some points here on this.

Most people (including me) have inferiority complex. Our natural habits along with the environment around us is one of the reasons for a person having inferiority complex or lower in self confidence. Some have stage fright, some may not know how to express to others what they wanted to, and like that we can keep on adding. There are some instances due to which few get more inferiority complex. For eg., when parents compare their child with a student who is doing better than that child in academics or sports or whatever. How the child takes that comparison, depends on the character of that child. A better way to make the child come up is to boost her confidence by asking the child to do well in the future or offering prizes/gifts. There are more chance for remembering what we learn in childhood, so it is better to direct the child in the right way than to wait till the child has grown up.

There are some useful tips that you could learn to gain in self confidence.
1) Speak to others right from childhood. It helps you to be fluent and bold enough.

2) Learn more stuffs. May it be academics, technology, current affairs or history. It helps you to speak with more confidence because you have more chance of knowing information about topics that you are speaking.

3) If you have stage fright:
i) Before getting to the stage, take some water and take deep breath to reduce your nervousness
ii) Look at the audience as though they don't know anything. Whatever you tell is correct and they don't know anything more than you do.
iii) Think of some person who used to encourage you always say your father or mother, and assume that there are 1000 or more clones of that person standing back of the audience and there to support you and to take care of people who are insulting/bullying you.
iv) Always think of "claps of the audience". Imagine what you would feel if the victory is yours and you are being held up by 100s of people. Imagine the roar that you hear at the situation.
v) Don't by-heart what you want to speak in the stage. Just learn the working. You will then be out of fear.

4) Keep in mind that, everyone are born as child and everyone are prone to mistakes. So don't fear of failures but remember that every failure and success is an experience.

5) Develop positive attitude. I would like you to have a look at the following two links.,
Waking up your "Subconscious Mind"
Positive and Negative Thoughts

6) If you have a feel that you haven't got anything in your life, and you developed inferiority complex within yourself, just go to the outside world and see how many are worse than you. Try to be happy with what you got rather than worrying about what you haven't got.

7) Final and the most important point to gain more self-confidence is "Do what you fear to do." That is the quickest and the shortest way to reduce your inferiority complex. It is evident that, if he have some deadline or compulsion on to do something, we do that job. So put yourself under compulsion.

SWOT Analysis 0 comments

SWOT Analysis is a method used to evaluate ones (or may be a corporate or any project) strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Strengths : The characteristics of one, which are helpful to achieve his desired goal. It may be your energy level, your hardworking nature, good habit like punctuality, your specialty/expertise in specific field, communication, body language, creativity etc.

Weakness: The characteristics of one, which are harmful in achieving his desired goal. Almost all the characteristics of strengths when available in the negative sense are weakness to one added with inability to express to others what one think.

Opportunity: External conditions that are helpful in achieving his goal, like working environment, other facilities provided to him, availability of path to the goal, opportunity to express yourself to others like competitions, present trends, innovation etc.

Threat: External conditions that are could damage one's performance. Improper usage of available resource, a new competitor etc., even opportunities that are missed may become a threat etc.

Only when one knows about himself, he can face the external world. With the help of analyzing one strength, weakness, strength, opportunities we can know where we stand and we will know how to use our strengths, converting weakness to strengths, exploiting the opportunities, defending against threat etc. So it is very important to analyse yourself with this strategy. It becomes a handy tool when we want to analyze ourselves before attending an interview, or to decide on which plan to undertake etc.

Full forms for commonly used file types 0 comments

.a - Assembly source file
.avi - Audio Video Interleave
.bak - Backup File
.bat - Batch Processing File
.bin - Binary File
.bmp - Bitmap Image File
.c - C source files
.cab - Cabinet (installation archive format)
.com - Command File
.cpp - C++ source file
.daa - Direct Access Archive
.dat - Data file or Video CD MPEG File
.dll - Dynamic Link Library
.doc - Document (Word)
.docx - (Word) Open XML Format Document
.exe - Executable file
.fla - Flash Movie Authoring File
.flv - Flash Video File
.gif - Graphic Interchange Format
.hlp - Windows Help File
.htm/.html - Hypertext Markup Language
.ico - Icon Image File
.ini - Initialization/Configuration File
.iso - ISO-9660 CD Disc Image
(ISO - International Organization for Standardization)
.java - Java Source File
.jpeg - Joint Photographic Experts Group
.js - JavaScript
.log - Log File
.m3u - MP3 Uniform Resource Locator (MP3 URL)- Mp3 playlist
.m4a - MPEG-4 Audio Layer
.mp3 - MPEG Audio Stream Layer 3
.mp4/.mp4v - MPEG-4 Video File
.mpeg - Moving Picture Experts Group
.msc - Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.msi - Windows Installer File
.nfo - Infomation (Text) File
.nrg - Nero Disc Image File (made by Nero AG)
.pdf - Portable Document Format
.png - Portable Network Graphics
.pps - PowerPoint Slideshow
.rar - WinRAR Compressed Archive (Roshal ARchive. Founder Roshan)
.rm - Real Media File
.srt - Subrip - Subtitle file format
.swf - Shockwave Flash (Flash Format File)
.sys - System Configuration File
.thm - Thumbnail (Images) or Theme File
.tif/.tiff - Tagged Image File Format
.tmp - Temporary File
.txt - text file
.vob - Video Object (DVD Video File)
.wav/.wave - WaveForm Audio Format
.wma - Windows Media Audio File
.wmv - Windows Media Video File
.xls - Excel Worksheet(Spreadsheet)
.xlsx - Open XML Format Excel Spreadsheet
.xml - Extensible Markup Language
.zip - Compressed Archive File

Sound or roar from the sea shell 0 comments

In our childhood days we would love to hear the sound of the waves in the ocean. We weren't much concerned about how it happens.

First common explanation among people is that, it is the sound of the ocean waves. Next common explanation is that, they are echoes of blood rushing through your ears. Some say, it is due to the air rushing in and out of the shell.

But the sound could be heard, even if you are near or far away from the ocean. If it is due to blood vessels, it should be higher in intensity when the blood flow is high, like soon after exercising. Above all, you won't be able to hear the sound in the sound proof room. Even though air is there in sound proof room, we are not able to hear it. So the above three explanations/theories are wrong.

Most obvious reason for the wave sound in the sea shell would be, the presence of ambient noise which is amplified in the sea shell. How is the noise amplified? It is because of resonance. ( Resonance - a vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system). The most common example to explain resonance is that of the march of an army of soldiers over a bridge. If the army is large enough, and if they made a rhythmic marching it could very well make the bridge unstable or collapse. This is one of the reasons for the soldiers to "break step"

The shell is the resonating chamber, and noise from the external of the shell, when it gets inside, is resonated in the interior of the shell creating audible sound. You could very well hear similar sound from a empty cup or may be with your hands. The sound may vary depending on the distance of the cup and the angle.

Coke and Mentos 0 comments

I got this by mail. Though I havent tried this, I thought of posting this here.

A little boy died in Brazil after eating MENTOS and drinking Coca-Cola/PEPSI together. One year before the same accident happened with another boy in Brazil . Please check the experiment that has been done by mixing Coka-Cola (or Coka-Cola Light) with MENTOS.

So be careful with your self eating MENTOS (POLO's) and drinking COCA-COLA or PEPSI together.

Left Brain and Right Brain Conflict 1 comments

Here is a small experiment which we used to try as kids. Lift your right leg. Rotate in clockwise direction. Now try to rotate your right hand in anti-clockwise direction. You could see that the direction of the leg changed to anti-clockwise. Now try the same thing with left leg and right hand. You won't see the change you had last time. Reason is that, left side of brain controls right side of your body and right side of brain controls left side of your body. Also brain won't be able to process two opposing information at the same time. Hence your right hand and right leg being controlled by the left brain, is not able to process clockwise and anti-clockwise direction movement of the right leg and right hand at the same time. So one of the direction got changed, and you started to move your leg and hand in the same direction. When you try that with the left leg and right hand, you have left brain controlling your hand and right brain controllng your left leg, thus it is able to process both the information. Hence the direction did not change.

The spinning lady is a optical illusion which many believe that, if we see the lady spinning clockwise, we are at the moment working with right brain and viceversa. I am not sure how far it is true.

Actually we are going to control what direction the lady is going to turn. If we think that the lady is rotating clockwise, we are going to see so and if we think the lady is rotating anti-clockwise, we are going to see so.

If you start to see the lady rotating in one direction, just look at the foot of the more vertical leg (or may be the supporting leg), and imagine how a lady could turn in the other direction. I mean, if we see a lady rotating clockwise, how it will look to us, think of something like that and soon you will find the lady going in the other direction. You can even try this way, just look at the shadow underneath the legs and look at the legs again, you will most likely change the direction of rotation. Try to change the direction in both ways.

I tried to open the same image in both Firefox and in Internet Explorer, and seeing both the pictures side by side. I am able to see different combination of rotations and then I stopped thinking about this picture and posted this.

More you study more marks ? 1 comments

Many have said, I used to keep studying all the time and score more marks. They might not know they are wrong. Not only studying all the time can fetch you marks. There are more strategies one have to know to score marks. I would like to write here, how I used to study in school and in college.

1) Many parents are over conscious about their child's education, so they don't even allow their child to play. They give a tight schedule to them, especially when they enter 6th std, where science is separated into physics, chemistry, biology etc. No matter how well the student studies, they keep tuition for them. The child wakes up, go to two tutions in the morning with each one hour, then attends the school for around 7 to 8 hours, then attends 3 tuition, one hour each, and then come back to home and do his home work and starts over again in the next day.

When I am studying 4th, I used to go for tuition to a tuition center where there are separate rooms for students of various classes or groups. It is more like a mini school. There many students used to learn by saying their answers with more volume. Then I decided, I should not attend the tuition from next year. And similarly I managed to get through School and college life without tuition.

What is there for you in tuition rather than in School. The same thing is repeated in tuition. So why spend the more amount for the same subject. Even if parents thought so, they could very well help him study by sitting alone with him. Remember by teaching your son/daughter you learn. Parents could instead put the money spend for tuition into his account. But it is really difficult for students whose both parents work as they wont be having much time to spend.

2) If a student takes it in the right spirit, there is no harm in comparing him with a person who is doing well. But if he takes the other way, it creates an inferiority complex in him which will not allow him to go beyond what he is now or it may even let him down. Students should have confidence in themsel

3) We would be able to concentrate on our work, only when our body is physically fit. Only when we have the energy to work. Everyday after returning home, parents should ask their son/daughter to play for atleast an hour. Outdoor games are preferred to indoor games. Indoor games like chess, carrom etc can be taught to them. Chess makes the student to think in different ways. And students can be encouraged to solve puzzles. Since parents themselves allow them to play, they will certainly hear what is said to be done by their parents. It will be good if the parents share time to play with them at their early ages. Speaking of playing, I used to play for an hour on the day before my board exams in 10th and 12th.

4) Next is about sleeping. I prefer to sleep for 7 hours a day atleast. 10 PM - 5 Am is sufficient. With sufficient sleep, students will be fresh for the next day in the school/college. If you are well prepared before days before the exams, there wont be any necessity for you to study till late nights or wake up early in the morning at 3 to study. If I want to study in night due to unusual circumstances, I prefer to get up early in the morning rather than studying late nights.

5) Listening in class will help you a lot to score more marks in the exams. We could study without help from others by reading the book alone. But you will take more time. That is why there is something called school, where we are taught. This makes it easy for us to understand things. So if you listen to the lectures, you gain more knowledge than just reading the books and also helps save your time reading a book that is greek and latin to you. If you are not able to understand what is taught, you could read what is going to taken before itself, though you may not understand fully while reading, you will appreciate what you studied when you listen what you studied the day before. And take notes of what is being taught. Though you may find them in book, it helps you remember some things and also helps you to get points that may not be in the book (if the staff has said something new).

6) For you to understand from what you listen, you should know about the basics regarding the subject being thought. If you are strong in basics, you don't have to sit for more time to study the later topics. During my final years of study, I used to study the first few lessons of the topics more than anything in a subject. It also helps to answer more twisted questions in the later chapters.

7) Do your homeworks properly, especially Maths. It helps you to practise more. If you don't know how to proceed, get the method from others and proceed in your own way.

8) Underline important points while studying. It helps you to have glance at those points, before the exams.

9) Having a time table to study helps you more to finish the task on time and it avoids last minute work.

10) If you want to score marks, and if you don't do your daily work properly, it will really make you feel for it on the day before your exams. So don't keep wasting your time as it is available now. You may not have it on the day when you require it.

11) Most important while studying, don't by heart topics. It won't help you to increase your knowledge, though it helps you to increase your memorising capability. I really feel now for having memorised many things in my school subjects. It made me not to understand some amazing concepts in my college subjects.

The above tips are all about how to study. The following tips are about how to write your exams.

12) Most people recommend not to study till the last minute before the exams. It is good to relax your mind for atleast 1 hour before the exam. Though I haven't tried it, I have seen many toppers doing that and being successful.

13) Presentation does matter in your papers. It helps to change the mood of the person being evaluating your paper. So neater you write, you score more. Try to improve your handwriting, and at the same time to write fast. Usage of two colored pens are recommended. Black for highlighting and blue for normal usage. It is not recommended to use more than 2. And strictly red and green colors should not be used. Underlining and giving headings for paragraphs are few more tips to present your paper in a better way.

14) Write the questions in the same order as in your question paper. If you start to write Part A, try to finish it. Don't make too many jumps between different Parts of the paper. It really irritates the evaluator.

15) Before starting to write your anwers, have a glance at the question paper. It helps you to allot time for different sections. In case some sections have questions which consumes more time than usual, you could make up in the other sections.

16) Try to finish the paper before 10 mins of schedule time. It helps you to have a glance at your answers (specially objectives) and make necessary corrections and also helps you to underline.

17) While answering objectives, if you don't know the answer, try to use your common sense on what will be answer. Eliminate answers which are irrelevant. Find out the possibility of one being an answer. Evaluators may judge you with 1 or 2 mark questions. So more you score in objectives, you have better chance of getting more marks in bigger answers.

18) Try to attend all questions as possible and fill your pages. Don't leave any questions. It helps you to get atleast few marks more which may be really helpful to you. Even if you don't know the answer, try to write something that is related to the question. Remember, you should be careful while doing this, as it also have chances of back firing on you. If you write some rubbish, you will get a black mark in evaluators mind, and the evaluators chance of putting more marks gets reduced.

19) Keep your answers short and simple. Don't keep writing the same thing over and over to fill your pages. Write answers for a length that is expected by the questions weightage.

20) Apart from these, I would like you to visit these two links, which will help you.
"Learn to teach" to "learn from teaching"
Objectives over Descriptive

And that is all. Now it is in your hands. All the best.

My Brand Old Bike 0 comments

In a City, we could see enormous number of bikes and cars mainly because of the distance we need to travel to work or to get each and everything we want. All these vehicles create pollution which is one of the reasons for global warming. Though eco-friendly vehicles are under research, one wouldn't forget the two wheeler powered by human legs, the Cycle.

This amazing invention is very useful for short travels to shops, nearby friends house, moving inside large campuses etc. This helps decrease the usage of petrol/diesel and helps reduce pollution. Along with that, cycling is a very good exercise for strengthening our leg muscles.

What you find here is my cycle. I would like to call that my bike as it contains 6 gears. This cycle has been accompanying me for the past 6 years, and it has seen many places in Chennai. I used to go to my friends house in this and because of the gears present I like to ride on this and change gears. I am proud to say that I somewhat helped to reduce pollution I saved lot of fuel, and hence saved money.

Develop a third person view 0 comments

Third person, a person or thing other than the speaker or the one spoken to. This is what is said in some dictionary. But I would like to put it in some other way as one who has a broader view on two sides. If you see a common mans life, everyone would have some kind of multiple personality. One would act in one way in one situation, and in another way in the same situation, depending on his mood set. Sometimes we don't know what we are doing and then feel for it after having been done. Some say about the presence of conscience (or in general, inner voice). So what does third person to do with multiple personality and conscience ? As already said, we act in different ways in different situation and sometimes different ways for the same situation. We do what we feel is right at that instant. So we may or may not do the things in the correct way. We sometimes don't analyze all possibilities. When we develop inner voice, we always have someone telling us what we did and what we going to do. You always have a companion. It tells us all the possible ways. You will be able to get the positive and negative of every action. You will have a broader view to analyze. You will make the right decision and which wont affect you and others around you.

"Learn to teach" to "learn from teaching" 0 comments

Many times my friends has approached me for asking help on subjects or other matters. Only a few times I have helped. Sometimes, I know the answer partially or doubtfully and so I won't help him so that I wont mislead the person who is in need for a help. But I may/may not tell the directions on how to get the answer to his questions. Sometimes I may not be in a mood/situation to help others. Sometimes I feel bored.

One day my friend asked me to write some basic C-Programs for him. I know a little bit in C, so replied I will try to write them. However, just giving him what he wants, wont let him improve his knowledge. So I thought to write comments on what piece of code performs what operations. Also gave variable names which he can understand if he sees it (See here). By doing so, I learned to write programs in somewhat more systematic way and also learned some few more stuffs while programming. By this way, I helped by friend, thus helping myself to learn.

So if anyone asks for help from you, take some time to find out the answer for it, so that you may also learn from it.

Yahoo messenger Smileys, Emoticons, Audibles 0 comments

I dint know that many yahoo messenger smileys are hidden. Check out the following two images, to see what smiley represents and the keys used to generate the smileys in YM windows.

(Click on the image to see the full size image.)

Common YM smileys

Hidden YM smileys

Apart from this, there are audibles. Some audibles that I found in International --> Indic Languages --> Tamil are very funny, like "dei, rombha feel pannavai", "ayyo, onnodai intelligence pathu kannu koosadhu" etc. More audibles could be found in other languages also.

And some special audibles like laughing, clapping hands of many people etc are also available if you make a Call to another person. You can also play a song through this feature which allows the other person also to hear the song.

One One sa One 0 comments

One one sa one, One two sa two, One three sa three.......

Not getting what it is ? Well if you don't know what it is, or if you don't remember this, this is how kids are taught Multiplication table (may be here in Tamil Nadu) or atleast this is how many kids understand them. What is the real thing behind this ? It is actually One one's are one, one two's are two etc., ( one 1's are one, one 2's are two... etc). I did not know how many have understood like what is in the first line, but I haven't known about this till now. Someone have to save me from my poor english lol.

Not only this, many commonly used words are wrongly judged. Like what a conductor in the bus says is heard as "olden" or something like that. But instead it is meant "Hold On"

And I still don't know the meaning of "Sha bu three" which is used while playing Hide and seek and in many times where they need to eliminate people. And speaking of hide and seek, we used to call that game "eyes boys". I did not know whether it is correct or wrong. But my friend said it is actually "Eye Spies".

Next is the word "couple". When we say as couple we take the meaning as 2 or may be a boy and a girl or may be a husband and wife or may be any 2 people. All these meanings makes couple mean 2. That is how most dictionaries defines the word. But in every days speech, couple means more than one but definitely few. So if some one says "I will return in couple of days" it doesnt mean that it will take 2 days, he may written in few days not necessarily two.

If I am going to get more of similar things, I will definitely update this post.

Computer Programming 0 comments

Learning a language simply wont make you a successful programmer. There are various things to consider as a programmer. Though I haven't been a real programmer yet, I would like to share some points that I felt which is required for being a good programmer.

1) User requirements: Whatever may be the application, big or small, it needs to correspond to users needs. So its better to ask the user what he wants exactly. Prototype (User Interface) on the actual software/program can be shown by designing using softwares. Analysis on feasibility of the project should be taken into account.

2) User Interface: It plays the major role now-a-days. Many algorithms/codes are developed that accounts for the speed and performance of the system. But today's main concern among the users is, how friendly is the user interface, Is the software reporting errors in a manner that a normal person would understand etc. If you could see the recent projects taken in the IT companies, you will find less of development projects and more projects that alter the codes that they already have giving better visual experience to the users. Voice recognition (One way of interacting with the OS, which is not much successful in Vista) is one such facility that is to be added in Windows Seven.

3) Algorithm: This is the starting step after analysis in the process of development of the code. Most students will neglect this step and will directly enter into coding, which is a wrong practice. Though the above two steps may/may not be considered by the student, this step is very important in developing any code for a problem big/small. In some cases, we find how to solve the problem manually and what are the functions required to solve the problem and the algorithm is created.

4) User Inputs: Many times, we wont see what will be the possible inputs from the users. For eg) assume that we wrote a program to find whether a number is prime or not. Most times, we wont check for the integrity of the user inputs. If we give negative numbers, then also it will show whether the number is prime or not. Sometimes our code will say 1 as prime number, if we did not make necessary checking for the user input as 1. Take another example of finding average of 5 marks which is given by user. Most times we assume that user will give something between 0 and 100. But what if the user gives a negative number or something above 100. The program should ignore such cases. So possible user inputs are one such conditions we must look into.

5) Overflow/Truncation: When the result of addition or mulitplication increases beyond the actual value a datatype can hold, error occurs. And instead of floating point operation as in finding average, normal integer operation is performed error will occur in the result. So checking the data type of variables used is very important and we should make sure that user inputs corresponds to the variable data type where

6) Speed and Resource: Again students while programming wont consider this point. They have lot of resource and their program is very small usually so they dont care much about this. But when it comes to developing bigger programs speed and resource play a major role. The speed at which a program starts, executes and gives results should be high. Speed of execution can be improved by various techniques like dead code elimination, checking for more probable condition first, eliminating operations in entry conditions for loops, using pointers etc. Resource that the program uses can be optimised by the number of variables we chose to perform a task, knowing the maximum length an array can have, using linked list etc.

7) Comments and Variable Name: For the one who sees the program, may be a tester, he should know what particular function/block does. For that you have to put comments here and there. This also is not a practise among students. And another important thing is giving meaningful names. When a program gets a input from the user, say marks of 5 subjects, we can either give the subject name + marks as the variable name or m1,m2 etc or mark1, mark2 etc or create an array with mark[5] which makes it more meaningful. Instead if we use variables like a,b,c,d,e the code will look odd to the one who sees it.

8) Error checking: Another important phase is testing for errors and whether the program gives the desired output. Mostly we do this. But if we struck at finding some error, we will find it hard to spot it. Those times, someone else who did not involve in coding can help you, because others dont know much about your code, and their main intention will be to spot the errors. It is natural tendency for one person to spot the error performed by other person, whatever may be the case.

I could remember only these at this time. If I remember more in the future, I will update it.

Video: How to solve Rubik's Cube (3 x 3 x 3) 0 comments

We used to call this Magic Cube, and I thought I would never solve all the 6 faces of the cube, until I saw the following videos.

There are more ways to solve this puzzle. And there are more ways to solve it quickly.

If you want to play Rubik's cube, and if you don't have one, You can visit these links to play

Link 1 (Java Applet, Don't open this link in Firefox. Open in IE)
Link 2 (Flash File)
Link 3 (Flash File)
Link 4 (Flash File)

Flash file needs Flash player plugin to play.

Imagination leads to Creativity 0 comments

All experience has a sensory basis and we give preference to process them. For eg, some people think in terms of sound, some think visually, some feel (See here). Most people when they hear some stories from others, or when they read a story book, they used to imagine the scene visually. It helps them better understand what they read or hear. Also they would be able to remember things for more time, as they feel what is happening. It helps magnify our thoughts. It helps understand the positives and negatives and the dangers involved better in situations we imagine. It helps us to create new thoughts and hence develops our creativity. So develop the habit to imagine things. But dont always be in imaginary world.

How to install Windows XP ? 0 comments

Bit late, as windows Vista is out. However Vista has almost the same process of installation.

1) Minimum Requirements: Make sure that you have the enough resource for you to install the windows XP. Assuming that you have the input devices like keyboard, mouse, 800x600 display adapter etc, we require a minimum configuration as shown below.
  • 300 Mhz Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128 Megabytes of system RAM (It can work with 64 Megabytes of RAM but its not recommended)
  • 1.5 Gigabytes of available drive space.
  • Windows XP CD and the Product Key (5 group with 5 letter in each group). Make note of the Key in a separate paper or CD cover, if your Key is printed on the CD itself.
  • Driver softwares required for your various hardware.
2) Before inserting windows XP installation CD, start you computer and press F2 or Del (may vary depending on your system) to get into BIOS setup. You have to set "CD-ROM" (or May be DVD-ROM) as the first priority in the Boot device priority list. This allows BIOS to check the drive for any bootable CDs/DVDs before loading the necessary programs to run the OS (if existing). After Changing the Boot sequence, you need to save the changes and before restarting the system, insert the XP installation CD into the drive set as first boot priority.

3) If your CD is bootable, it will ask to press any key to boot from the CD. If you press any key, Windows XP installation starts. If you did not press any key in the specified time (Mostly 5 seconds or less) it will start to boot from the next boot device selected.

4) Once you press the key, some files required to start the installation and some drivers will be loaded. You can see a blue screen showing the files that are copied from the CD.

5) After loading the files required, it will ask you whether to repair or install. Repair will take you to command prompt. There you have limited access to the files existing and you need to do the repair work manually, which you can do only if you know what the error is in the existing OS or Windows.

6) When you give Install, it will take you to an agreement form. Press F8 to agree to the agreement after reading it.

7) Then it will show you a screen which will ask you whether to repair or put OS freshly. Repair will install the OS over the existing one. Careful u might lose data in the Desktop and My Documents.

8) If fresh installation is give it will ask where to install the windows. Give the option (that is, in which Drive to install).

9) If the drive already contains an OS, it will ask whether to add the new OS in the existing OS (highly not recommended) or to format the drive and then install (recommended).

10) Format the drive which already has an Windows. (Note: You can also install the Windows XP in another drive that do not have an OS. This will give you an option to select the OS you want to enter everytime you start the system.)

Or if you don't have an OS installed already, you have to create partition from the un-partitioned space.

If you have only one partition, and that contains an OS and if you need to have two OS, it is recommended to partition the single drive into two using softwares like Partition Magic and install the OS in the empty partition.

When doing format or partition, you need to select the type of file system, FAT or NTFS. NTFS is a newer file system, and it is recommended. And Quick Format is not recommended. Give Full format.

11) After selecting the drive, it will start installing. While installing it will ask you for the administrator (one who has all the accessibility options of the OS) username and password. Then it will ask you for the Date, time, Region where you belong to or country, Language etc.

12) When installing it will restart many times, at those times you should not give boot from CD. That option will start the process of installation again from the beginning.

13) After sometime, it will ask you the key. Give the key in the CD cover or paper and continue.

14) After installing, you will require the drivers for your various hardware installed on your PC. For that you will need the Motherboard Driver CD, which will be given with the PC when you bought it. If you don't have the drivers CD, and don't know the Motherboard model, check here to find out the motherboard model. However, not all times you will get the motherboard model by the method shown in that link. In case you don't know what drivers to install, you can use driver detective or similar softwares to detect the drivers you will require.

15) Install all the drivers required for your PC, like Audio drivers, Video drivers, LAN drivers etc.

Interesting Facts about Brain 1 comments

Humans have the most complex brain of any animal on earth.

1) Your brain is about 1300-1400 cubic centimeters in volume, about the size of a cantaloupe and wrinkled like a walnut.

2) Your brain contains about 100 billion neurons which is about 16 times the number of people on Earth. Each of them links to as many as 10,000 other neurons. This huge number of connections opens the way to massive parallel processing within the brain.

3) Your brain is full of nerve cells, but it has no pain receptors. Doctors can operate on your brain while you're awake and you won't feel a thing.

4) Your brain is about 75% water.

5) 750ml of blood pumps through your brain every minute which is 15-20% of blood flow from the heart.

6) The brain feels like a ripe avocado and looks pink because of the blood flowing through it.

7) Your brain is divided into two sides. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body; and, the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body.

8) Your cerebral cortex is about as thick as a tongue depressor. It grows thicker as you learn and use it.

9) The neocortex (a section of the brain involved with language and consciousness) accounts for about 76% of the mass of the human brain. Human neocortex is much larger than any animals. It gives humans unique mental capacities although its brain architecture is similar to that of more primitive species.

10) Your brain is the most energy-consuming part of your body. The brain represents only 2% of the body weight, but it uses up to 20 percent of the body’s energy production. The energy is used for cell-health maintenance and to fuel electrical impulses that neurons employ to communicate with one another.

11) Your brain generates 25 watts of power while you're awake---enough to illuminate a light bulb.

12) Neurons multiply at a rate 250,000 neurons per minute during early pregnancy.

13) A newborn baby's brain grows almost 3 times in course of first year. When you are born, your brain weighs about a pound. But by age 6, it weighs three pounds. What happens? Learning to stand, talk, and walk creates a web of connections in your head—two pounds worth!

14) Studies have shown that children who are breast fed display IQ's up to 10 points higher by the age of three.

15) Humans do not use only 10% or less of their brain. This is a common misconception. Even though many mysteries of brain function persist, every part of the brain has a known function.

16) Most strange fact, Our brain often fools us. It often perceives things differently from the reality. There are various illusions present, which will justify this statement.

17) It is estimated that the human brain has a raw computational power between 1013 and 1016 operations per second. It is far more that 1 million times the number of people on Earth. If 100 million MIPS (Million Instructions Per second) could do the job of the human brain's 100 billion neurons, then one neuron is worth about 1/1,000 MIPS, i.e., 1,000 instructions per second. If you think that your brain is slower than super computers, you are definitely wrong. Because you don't know the processing speed it takes for what you see, what you hear, what you think, what you speak, what you feel, all done simultaneously.

Future Technology 0 comments

Miniaturization will continue till it saturates with the technology and then they search for a newer technology. What you are going to see is one of the future technology and it is closer to become the reality.

Small but powerful 0 comments

It is a small tone for SMS. It is the sound that arises from the bow string. This tone become very much popular in our final year. And it is also used in comical situations.

Download from here

IT hunts for ECE 0 comments

Last decade, IT companies had much graze among the young graduates, and among people looking out for new jobs. Experience people in and out of this field say that IT wont survive for more years. They say projects available for IT companies are getting reduced. However peoples needs also matters. People using computer systems, internet, softwares etc., needs better quality softwares, newer and friendly user interface, better graphics etc. As long as needs exist, IT companies will get the projects. But the number of development projects will be definitely less. Since they are going to make changes with the existing softwares and codes which is time saving and efficient.

Most students of final year, awaiting campus in Tamil Nadu, look out for one such IT company. Reason is simple, high pay in the starting of the career. Though I don't know about the working environment and the hours of word/day, I have heard people saying that IT companies that pay high expect more work and more hours of work from people. But still interest towards IT companies are growing. Only a few tend to move towards the core companies, especially people in ECE.

When we had campus interviews, more than 60 % students in our college are placed in IT companies. Top IT companies always look out for ECE students. Few reasons are, they believe that ECE students can grasp things quickly (God only knows), ECE students can be put in many different project areas, and last important one, they don't run away to other companies as they know something but not more about computers and languages.

How Mp3 works ? 0 comments

MP3 stands for MPEG 1 - Layer 3. (Full form of MPEG is Moving picture expert group). MP3 is a digital audio encoding format used to reduce the size of audio files still maintaining very good audio quality. Unlike other movements -- for example, the introduction of the cassette tape or the CD -- the MP3 movement started not with the industry itself but with a huge audience of music lovers on the Internet. Though several other audio formats like mp4 audio etc., are introduced, the MP3 format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impact on how people collect, listen to and distribute music.

CD - WAV file format:
Before knowing what MP3 format is actually, we need to know about WAV files. A CD stores a song as digital information using an uncompressed, high-resolution format called WAV. Here's what happens when a CD is created:

* Music is sampled 44,100 times per second. The samples are 2 bytes (16 bits) long.
* Separate samples are taken for the left and right speakers in a stereo system.

Sampling is a process by which, magnitudes of the waveform at instances separated by equal intervals (mostly) are only taken. So for a second of music waveform, the waveform magnitudes are noted 44,100 times and converted to digital format. To have better listening experience, we use stereo systems.

So a CD stores a huge number of bits for each second of music:

44,100 samples/second * 16 bits/sample * 2 channels = 1,411,200 bits per second.

Going by this calculation, if an average song is three minutes long, then the average song on a CD consumes about 32 million bytes (about 31 MB) of space. Streaming audio in internet can't be done with this format, as the size of the file is too big for 3 minutes audio and we have to buffer for hours to hear the 3 mins song with an internet connection of low speed.

MP3 Format:
To overcome this issue, new formats are developed to reduce the size of the song stored digitally. However MP3 format become the real winner among the users. MP3 formats can reduce the size by an factor of 10 to 14, without appreciably reducing the quality of the song. Thus an average song can be reduced to 3MB in size with this format. Hence streaming becomes easy, and we don't need to buffer for a long time to hear the song.

Is it possible to compress a song without hurting its quality? We use compression algorithms for images all the time. For example, a GIF file is a compressed image. So is a JPG file. We create Zip files to compress text. So we are familiar with compression algorithms for images and words and we know they work. To make a good compression algorithm for sound, a technique called perceptual noise shaping is used. It is "perceptual" partly because the MP3 format uses characteristics of the human ear to design the compression algorithm. For example:

* There are certain sounds that the human ear cannot hear.
* There are certain sounds that the human ear hears much better than others.
* If there are two sounds playing simultaneously, we hear the louder one but cannot hear the softer one.

Using facts like these, certain parts of a song can be eliminated without significantly hurting the quality of the song for the listener. Compressing the rest of the song with well-known compression techniques shrinks the song considerably -- by a factor of 10 at least. (If you would like to learn more about the specific compression algorithms, see the links at the end this article.) When you are done creating an MP3 file, what you have is a "near CD quality" song. The MP3 version of the song does not sound exactly the same as the original CD song because some of it has been removed, but it's very close.

From this description, you can see that MP3 is nothing magical. It is simply a file format that compresses a song into a smaller size so it is easier to move around on the Internet and store.

But however, as always, danger comes with technology. Because of the reduced size and good sound quality, it becomes easy for people to move audio songs from one place to other, via internet, CDs etc., and thus leading to increased piracy.

Drink and Drive - Best Ad award 0 comments

Many times we have heard people say, don't drink and drive. The way we express what we say does matter. The following picture is an Ad that won best Ad award.

Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status 1 comments

My friend in my Yahoo Messenger list used his blog link as status message. That was a good idea to introduce/advertise our blog/website to our friends. Very soon he did that, many of my friends started that practice, including me. But when I tried to include this blogs link as my status in yahoo messenger, I found something interesting. I was able to create a hyperlink kind of thing in Yahoo messenger status message like something as shown below

"Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status" in the above image, is actually a link to this post. When you click at my status, it will take you to this post.

Now how to do it ?
1) After signing into your Yahoo messenger window, open Messenger --> My status --> New status message
2) " Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status"
3) Copy and Paste the above thing in quotes (copy without quotes) and save it. You will find something similar to that shown in the picture above.
4) If you want to create your own link, all that you need to do is,
Keep "yourlink anyword(s)" or "anyword(s) yourlink" as your status message. (without quotes).

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 0 comments

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a relatively new communication technique or tool used to improve once ability to control their professional and personal life. It is developed in the 1970s by mathematician Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder. Neuro refers to our nervous system, the system that allow us to take the signals corresponding to our 5 senses (hear,see, taste, smell and feel) to and from brain. Linguistics refers to the vocal language, how we bring out what we think through words, along with body language, which is explained by our action. Programming, simply refers to something like computer programs. NLP says that we could program our feelings, thoughts, actions to improve our capability.

Bandler and Grinder, wanted to know how people influence one another. Their project was to try and discover whether excellence could be identified and copied (or modelled). They found a positive result in their project. What they found is, all experience has a sensory basis and we give preference to process them. For eg, some people think in terms of sound, some think visually, some feel.

NLP studies how we know what we know and how we do what we do. It examines the relationship between thoughts, communication and behavior. It also studies the origin and structure of knowledge. By doing so, we would be able to make people use those behaviours, thoughts, actions, communication of successful people/organisation and make them learn those skills to succeed far more rapidly than would be normally possible. There are lots of techniques and theories in NLP, which could be found in many articles in the net and in books. Sometimes, we would have been following one of the techniques of NLP without knowing it is one such NLP technique.

Why 4.7 GB DVD stores 4.37 GB only ? 3 comments

In computer systems, 1 Kilobyte actually denotes = 1024 Bytes

Similarly 1 Mega Byte (MB) = 1024 Kilo Byte (KB)

and 1 Giga Bytes (GB) = 1024 MegaBytes and so on.

What is printed on DVDs, that is 4.7 GB, is not calculated based on computer system.

Normally, 1Giga = 1000 Mega

and 1 Mega = 1000 Kilo

and 1 Kilo = 1000 units

4.7 GB printed is based on this above calculation.

It is a marketing strategy to show that, DVD's capacity can store so much. But in actual it can store only 4.36/4.37 GB.

4,700,000,000/1024 = 4589843.75 KB /1024 = 4482.27 MB /1024 = 4.37 GB

Thus when a DVD stores computer files, 4.37 GB of files of stored, and reported by computer as 4.37 GB (based on 1024 system of calculation). Manufacturers use 1000 system for calculation.

Note: 1 KB implies 1 Kilo byte and 1 Kb imples 1 Kilo bits. Normally small letter 'b' is used to denote bits and capital letter 'B' is used to denote Bytes. 1 byte = 8 bits.

Why does watch ads show 10:10 ? 2 comments

When we see a watch ad, we will mostly likely look at a watch showing 10:10 in their face. Almost many watch ads follow this, no matter what company it belongs to. I have been wondering why is it so. Here are the reasons people say,

1) Symmetrical Look: When the watch is at 10:10 we get a vertical symmetry in the face of the clock. But we get the same with 9:45 or8:20 or some other time. Then why is it 10:10 ?

2) Smiley Look: When we look at a watch at 10:10, we see as if the watch is smiling. It is better to have a smiling face, rather than having a crying face when the time is at 8:20. Well that is one good reason, since it enlightens peoples mind while looking at the ad.

3) Victory: When the clock is at 10:10, the hands are similar to the letter "v" which symbolises victory. May not be the actual reason, but we can say this as one of the reasons.

4) Abraham Lincoln: Many say that it is due to Abraham Lincoln died at that time and so the watches are showing 10:10. But some say that, Lincoln is shot at night at around 10:15, and died in the next day morning at around 7:22. So this ain't the correct the reason.

5) Visibility: When the hands are at 10:10, we have the makers name and other details (if any) clearly visible when they are placed at above or below the center.

6) First Watch: Some say that first watch is made/completed at that time. But why are most companies adopting it ? and in fact clocks are been around for many 100s of years. So this aint the reason.

7) Hiroshima and Nagasaki Attack: Few say, it is because during that time, first atomic bomb was used and in remembrance of all the victimes, all unused clocks or the clocks which are presented in show-cases have the same time of 10:10. But it seems the practise of 10:10 has been in there from 1920s. So I doubt this also.

So seeing all this, visibility along with symmetry, smiling face and victory seems to be a good reason for most watch companies like Titan, to show 10:10 in watches during their ads.

Behind the success of every man 0 comments

Behind the Success of every man, there is a Woman

You believe it or's true and this incredible Picture proves it !!!!

Just Click the image and press CTRL+A to select all and you will know why it is so....!!!!

Works well in Internet Explorer (Not in Firefox)

Demand for domain names 0 comments

As you see, lot of web developers are giving variety of web pages all around the net. Because of the user friendly softwares , forum packages, template design generators, plugins, readmade codes etc., even a person who doesn't know much about html/xml/javascript can bring out what he wants to do. Because of this, many web page domain names are registered and are being used.

What are domain names? When we look at the back end process, websites / pages are actually accessed by something called IP address. A user needs to know the IP address of the server/ the place where the website pages are stored. Since it is very difficult to remember IP address, websites are given something called domain names like or whatever, which are fairly easy to remember. When we type this domain name in the browser, the DNS (domain name server) is contacted automatically by the browser to obtain the IP address of the particular site and this is used to open a webpage.

So no two domain names can be the same. However we can have subdomains, like this blog, which is a subdomain of or Similarly the sites like 110mb that provide free webhost gives part of their domain to its users with some domain name like

Because of increasing number of web page creators, many domain names are being registered and people are finding it hard to get one good name that they want. This not only occurs with domain names. Even in yahoo mail or gmail , the Ids we require cannot be obtained easily. And we have to try a few times to get our email ID with which we are satisfied. But are the ones who registered these domain names making better use of it ? My answer is no. I just tried to open some blog, that has some common blog names. I chose some common english word, and typed along with that. And in most cases, I found the blog very much idle with only few posts. Though they have got good domain names, that most of us want to have, many havent utilised it. This lead people to search for websites for mails or blogs or free webhost starting newly so that they could obtain names to their wish. Ymail is one such service started by yahoo to overcome this problem for its users.

Password tips to save your account 2 comments

Before knowing the tips to have your password, first we must understand the various ways by which ones account is hacked.

There are SIX ways to hack ones account (To the best of my knowledge).

1) Keylogger
Keyloggers are softwares that will execute in the background (will start automatically when u start windows) and will log all the key that you pressed in a file and will send it periodically to the one who created it either through mail or FTP. So when you login to your Messenger or Mail or orkut Account, your username and password will also be sent.

These Keylogger can be installed into your computer through some other software. One may add the keylogger to someother exe file and may give you the link to that file. If you open/run that file, Keylogger will also get installed into your computer automatically. Most popular way is to embed a keylogger into a Screensaver. When you run/install the screensaver, Keylogger will also get installed into your system.

I am not sure there is any way to transfer the file/registry entry that stores your password to various sites (I mean saved passwords in your browser)... Someone clear this doubt of mine.

So always download files/softwares from the link posted in some sites that you know well. Make sure the link is safe. You can have Anti-virus softwares like Nod32 or Anti-spyware softwares like adware or spybot to notify you of the keyloggers trying to log your keys by running at the background.

2) Cookie stealing script:
When you login to some site, the website stores some contents, in the form of a txt file called Cookie, about your login in your computer. Everytime you access the website, this cookie is sent to the website and checked whether you have already visited the website. There are Java scripts that can transfer the cookie to the one who created the Script. People can ask you to try /run (copy and paste in the address bar and hit enter) those scripts telling you that it will create magics/increase scrap cound, unlock album, increase friends count(orkut) or some blah blah. Not all scripts are safe.

With cookies in hands of anyone, he can login into your account, without having your password or username. Better mechanisms like verification of password are used by websites for crucial changes made in your profile. So though the problem it might create is lower than before, it is also a problem for you.

Don't try scripts that you don't know much about it.

3) Fake Login Pages
Fake login pages are pages that are similar to orkut/yahoo/gmail created by some one else, and will say that you can access Orkut/other mail accounts through their page. If you enter your Login id and password, it will be sent to the one who created the page and you will also be directed to where you intended to go. Beware of this and so always check the URL in the address bar before entering the login or username. Sometimes when you clik some link, it will log you out, and it will open a page similar to Orkut/whatever, and may ask you to login. So beware of the url in the address bar.

4) Hyper Links
Hyper links are something like this. When you more over the word "this", you can see a link at the status bar of your browser. That is where you will end up, when you click that word. A word/even a link can be used as hyperlink to another link like this

When you move your mouse over a link, the actual link will be seen in the status bar. What you see is the url of this blog, but they may link to some other page. If you check the status bar you will know where it is directed. Always check if the link posted and that is in the status bar are the same and also make sure they are not suspicious links. The page you go, may steal your cookies or will direct you to some fake login page.. So before clicking any link just check the status bar for the actual link

In some pages, Javascripts can be used to hide the link from displaying in the status bar. A plugin for FireFox 3 has the ability to show you the page, where you will go if you click it. You can get the plugin from FireFox official site.

5) Guessing Password
Have a password that cant be guessed. Don't have passwords like 123456 or abcdef or yourname123, something like that. Possibly have a combination of number, letter, capital letters and special characters. So that others who know about you cant guess your password or guess your answer to SECRET Question to recover your Password (which is used to recover your password) eg) Who is your favorite child hood hero. Ans: Vijay. Anyone who knows you very well, can know the answers for your birthday, Pin Code, your secret questions etc. So beware of the password and the secret question you give while registering.

Also there are softwares, that can generate random passwords that we people commonly use, and can guess many passwords of your account in a minute. But however now websites are bringing in , 3 maximum guesses for a session or image verification concepts to prevent the use of these kind of softwares.

6) Tinyurl or someother short links
Tinyurl links are short form for Bigger links. Those links are mapped. And the actual links where it is redirected cant be found by seeing at the status bar. Never ever clik this link. Unless you are damn sure that it is safe. These links may open a cookie stealer page or fake login page.

Another way is directly attacking your computers ports. This is not an easy job and it can only be done by experienced hackers. And they wont try this method for hacking silly accounts, lol. If you donot have firewall your ports can be easily attacked and they have your entire computer in control.

And Here goes the tips for you.
1) Have password, that you could remember well. Don't keep the password which others know about it. When you keep password related to you and which others know about it, like your nick name, then it is easier to guess.

2) Have passwords with a combination of Capital letters, numbers, special characters, small letters.

3) Don't keep the same password for a long time. Keep changing it every 3 or 4 months. If you keep it for very short time, you may confuse yourself.

4) Keep passwords of lenght atleast 6 to 8. Bigger the password, lesser the chance to guess.

5) Don't note your password down anywhere. Its better to keep in mind. And you can very well manage it with some memory power.

6) Having the same password for all the websites you register, has one advantage and one disadvantage. Advantage is that, you can easily remember the password. Disadvantage is that, if one accounts password is known, all accounts password will be known.

7) In firefox saved password option, if you give show password, all passwords will be visible. There is no security in that facility. So date make your browser remind the password.

8) Have good anti-spyware and anti-viruses installed, to save yourself from keylogger.

9) Don't click suspicious links, or login with your account in some other site other than the actual site where you need to go. (check fake login pages at the top)

10) Don't give your password to your friends, even if they are very close to you.

11) When using netcafe centers to browse, don't check "remember me" option while loggin in.

12) Most hacking occurs in the wireless networks. Use strong Encryption keys, and change your modem admin username and password.

U love Vijay? U r a fanatic?? Pls not anymore.. 0 comments

When I joined orkut some 1.5 years back, I saw this article posted by a moderator in Ilayathapathy Vijay's community. It is posted some 2 years back. And this not only applies to Vijay fans, but also to all other actors/actress fans of any language. And I am posting the article as he wrote.

I am posting a long write up.. it may test ur patience, but please read through atleast once. Comments are welcome!!!

What I am going to speak about now is a serious matter. I don't know how amny of you will take it in the right sense. But just think about it once.

Today I was watching "Ini Achamillai Achamillai" show in Jaya TV. The topic was about "Fans of cinestars and their fanatism" When I started watching it, a Vijay fan was being interviewed. U ppl mite be knowing that actress Lakshmi is hosting the show.

She asked that fan about what he does during every film release. He was telling like cutouts, banners, paal abishekam etc. Lakshmi asked " Have u fed atleast one child in ur area with milk one day?? How many children are suffering from hunger? Don't u feel that u can do somehting for them?" The guy was speechless and had nothing to say.

Later his mom and sister were in the show telling how that guy fights with his father and others at home in his exteremist fanatism. Now, this is not a comedy show or a drama to laugh at... Its the fact.

There are people who forget their family, responsibilites, career etc and fight with others for silly things proving that their actor is the best ever in the industry. Now wats the use of all these?? The actors' No.1 or No.2 is decided by the industry and their films run. No poll or a fight in the forum can change that.

There were psychological facts discussed like its the fire to achieve and desire to make it big in life that makes us inspired by heroes. It was right there from time of warriors. And moreover, those who earn enough and are packed with day to day work do not involve in these fan club celebrations.

They watch films as an entertainment and enjoy it and of course their thalaivar. Maximum they will do is post a review on the net. Its the burning desire within underprivileged or lesser priviledged people, to project themselves as heroes before others, that makes them spend whatever money they get in these ways.

Now understanding these basic things, finally what do we ppl get by all these?? A satisfaction that we have won over them?? This "we" and "them" is what spoils sleep of many fans. U like an actor, watch him on screen, admire him, join his fans communities, share your thoughts on him, enjoy your time and full stop.

Anything apart from these is a waste of time and energy. For that matter, Vijay has told repeatedly in his interviews, "Don't waste money in the name of cutouts and paal abishegam. Feed the poor in your area with that money. Get books for school children. And remeber always, ur profession, your family and finally only Vijay and my movies."

How many of us have understood this? There is a blind following and many or not followers by virtue or by deeds. The final words from today's show are golden words for every fan like us. "One who realises himself and his potential is the one who succeeds in life. All your favorite heroes whom u worship has done this and realised themselves. If every citizen does this, our country will be full of heroes"

It may sound philosophical and foolish also to many. But sit and think about it and if u feel it is right, spread this message. A packet of milk on a cutout can serve for hunger of 2 kids of a poor family. The cost of cutout or banner erected for showing your hero's power will educate one(or even two kids) of a poor family.

Do more to ur family and ur fellow humans in the name of your actor. That gives him more star power than the cutout or milk or beer you buy for him, wasting your money. You star will anyways be powerful as it is whether you do this or not.

Come out of dream world, face the reality. If atleast one fan changes his mind after reading this, I would be happy for typing such a long message. :-)