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Since Christmas is approaching, a new category for it has been added to the Trix blogspot template generator version 2. Have also designed one template and added in there. I will design few more templates and will add it in that category. Meanwhile, if you design any templates, you can also submit your designs. Those designs will also be added to those category.

Christmas Templates

Jingle : This is the first template I designed for Christmas. I hope you like it. Here you can have a demo of the template.

To download and use the template, check our free templates page.

Google Adsense Click Exchange - Beware ! 0 comments

Google adsense is one of the most popular ways to earn from website, by displaying Ads. When a visitor to your website clicks on the ads displayed, you will get some small amount. The amount depends on Advertiser and also on how much benefit the Advertiser gets because of the Click from that visitor. There are many services like Adsense. But many website owners used to register for Adsense, because of high Cost Per Click it provides when compared to other services.

There are few ways by which one can earn money by creating Invalid Clicks. Auto clickers or bots, click exchanges, proxies are few such ways. But Google is long enough providing this service, and has mechanisms to detect these invalid clicks. It analyses the number of clicks and the popularity of the websites. There are many other ways by which it detects invalid clicks. Once it comes to the conclusion that a web developer is trying to fraud, It directly bans the account, takes back the amount and gives it back to the advertiser.

Now lets take this into Advertisers point of View. I am an advertiser, I advertise my website through Adwords (Googles service), my ads gets displayed in websites which has been registered for Adsense. Now that website owner clicks the ad, and comes to my site. He does nothing and I do not benefit from that person. Now if i have the settings to pay for clicks in Adwords, then I need to pay for the person who has done nothing to me. So when these number of invalid clicks increases, I will lower my amount per click. Result ? cost per click will reduce for everyone.

Lets have a different look into this. Assume in one country(say India) people are so greedy for money and many started to create invalid clicks. Advertisers will now restrict their ads to be shown in such countries from where there is few or no benefit/sales for the Advertiser. Result, other adsense users are affected.

So is it a good Idea to make invalid clicks and Loose your Adsense account and create problem for other adsense users ?

Think again ! There are many better ways to earn :)

Updated Template 0 comments

After a long time I have updated the Template. Ofcourse designed it using my Template Generator :d. I am a poor designer, so this much only I can do...

Soon I will try to update the template of EI.

Recently I have also started a blog on Basics of C Programming. Hope I find Time to manage all these :)

Google page rank updated - October 2009 0 comments

Finally after a long wait google has updated the page rank. This blog rank changed from two to three :). But my website - is showing as zero, which was previously one. I was expecting atleast a page rank of two for my website. But sadly it wasn't the case. Hope to see a change in page rank soon for my website :)

Opera Mini 5 - Beta For Download 0 comments

After a long wait, Beta of Opera mini 5 has been released. I was very excited to download and use it for the first time. I just quickly went through the options in Opera Mini 5 beta with my Nokia 5310 and thought of writting a review.

Features I found in Opera Mini 5 Beta
1) Tabbed Browsing : This is the feature that I have been looking for and I feel that it is very late for Opera to release this feature. But due to Limitation in memory I guess we can't have many tabs.
2) Password Manager : Now we can store passwords for websites. But I guess only one username and password for a Website.
3) Speed Dial in Start Page
4) Folders in Bookmarks.
5) Select and Copy Text.
6) Better Javascript Support: After google has made a drop down for settings in the home page, I was not able to get the drop down. But with Opera Mini 5, I was able get the drop down.
7) Directly Edit in Text Box: With this feature I am facing difficulty in entering Passwords which is much easy with Phone editor. Also Select Box Drop down is displayed in the same page without moving to different screen to select the option. Thank God I found there is option to turn it off in Advanced options of Settings.
8) Save Page Folder: We can specify where the saved pages should be stored.
9) Pop Ups: Can be Switched On.
10) Google Search Box

Inteface is Really good and have been designed with mobiles with Touch Screen and Keypad in mind. You wouldn't have imagined how well is the tabbed browsing than what you see in Bolt or Tea Shark or other browsers.

In the Negative Side...
1) There has been some changes in Menu, Go, Back and other Keys. So I have not yet get used to it.
2) I was expecting support for flash. Lolz I know it is a bit too high
3) I was Expecting a lot more ajax support. Example, I was not able to open Campaign Page in Adwords. Google says Opera browser is not supported for Latest interface
4) Already many times Opera Mini Stopped working some times due to Out of Memory error and I have to restart the application.

But it is just a Beta version and bug fixes will be coming soon :). So let us wait for the final release :)

I have written this post just by giving a quick glance at the browser, and I need to explore more to find out other pros and cons in the browser.

Let the final version be out :)

Wamp Server and IIS 1 comments

If you have IIS services started and running, You cant start Wamp Server. it is because by default both use the same port. By having different Port numbers, you can run both simultaneously. (google for finding more about this method)

I don't want to run wamp and IIS simultaneously, But I want to switch between these two. So What I did is,

1) Open Run and type CMD
2) In command prompt type "iisreset /stop" (without quotes)
3) Now start wamp server. It will start :)

If you want to use IIS again, You need to first stop wamp server, then give iisreset /start in command line

Future of Software Engineers ? 0 comments

For the past one or two years, the IT industry haven't seen much growth, as it had seen in the last decade. And due to the recession occured last financial year, there is huge impact every where in all fields. I have got placed in one IT company during the last year of my college. I was expecting that the company would call us withing a month or two after our college is over. But sadly I have been sent a mail that we will be called only after 8 months (thanks, that they had the courtesy to inform us). A month or two later, started all the problems in the IT industry - the recession. This further worsened the chances of getting into the company early. Fortunately I was placed in another IT company which called me 4 months after finishing my college. But the future of people who got placed in the first IT company remainied a question mark.

When I joined the second IT company, I was feeling great, My first job, in a company that I expected, in a job I like. The intake by the company in that year (through campus recruitment) was more than 7000. We need to undergo a training before being put into production. We were called in batches of 400 - 800, and there were atleast 2 or 3 batches coming every month. Till one or two months before we joined, the training period was around 3 to 4 months. The training period for us was 6.5 months (no projects in production ??). To keep up the promise, they have called all the people who have been placed. But due to the trend in the past one year, the training system got tougher, and only 60 to 70% cleared the training successfully. Others got a better option now :) There are many other policy changes in the company in the last year, but I am not supposed to make a post on it here.

The other company have finally called my friends, 3 months after their previously announced date. A gap of over 1 year, is a high price paid by them for being selected in the company. Even after them being called, the future in the field is a big concern for them. Many are confused on whether to stay with them, or move ahead with other options like higher studies.

So being in the current situation, whatever may be the field you are in, if you need to sustain you have to give your maximum efforts.

20000 Hits 0 comments

I am glad that this blog has reached 20,000 hits as shown by Stats Counter. A little over one year after the commencement of this blog, and this also the 100th post in this blog. Since I was not able to find much time to write posts for the past several months, there has been very low post counts in past.

A quick stats, on the ratings given to posts as of now,
Group Discussion Tips, tops the ratings with an average of 4.86 from 22 votes.
Trix Template Generator follows it with 5 average for 3 votes,
Followed by Thirukural Widget, Big Circle Around the moon Posts with 4.33 for 3 votes.

I would like to make more posts in the future to keep the blog alive. Do check my website meanwhile,

A beautiful love story 0 comments

A long time ago, before the world was created and humans set foot on it, God had put all the human "qualities" in a separate room. Since all the qualities were bored they decided to play hide & seek. "Madness" was one of the qualities and he shouted: "I want to count, I want to count!" And since nobody was crazy enough to want to seek "Madness", all the other qualities agreed. So "Madness" leaned against a tree and started to count: One, two, three..." As "Madness" counted, the qualities went hiding. "Treason" hid in a pile of garbage... "Lie " said that it would hide under a stone, but hid at the bottom of the lake. And Madness continued to count "... seventy nine, eighty, eighty one..." By this time, all the qualities were already hidden-except "Love ". For stupid as "Love " is, he could not decide where to hide. And this should not surprise us, because we all know how difficult it is to hide "Love". "Madness": "...ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven..." Just when "Madness" got to one hundred..... ...."Love" jumped into a rose bush where he hid. And Madness turned around and shouted: "I'm coming, I'm coming!" As Madness turned around, "Laziness" was the first to be found, because "Laziness" was too lazy to hide. "Madness" searched madly and found "Lie" at the bottom of the lake. One by one, Madness found them all - except Love. Madness was getting desperate, unable to find Love. Envious of Love, "Envy" whispered to "Madness ": "You only need to find Love, and Love is hiding in the rose bush." "Madness" Jumped on the rose bush and he heard loud cry. The thorns in the bush had pierced "Loves" eyes. Hearing the commotion God came into the room and saw what had happened. He got very angry and cursed "Madness" and said since "Love" has become blind because of u... ..u shall always be with him" And so it came about that from that day on, Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.!

Waiting for Opera Mini 5 to be released 0 comments

I bought my first cellphone just when I was about to join a Software Company after finishing my Under Graduation. I had no clue about the models available in phones and my brother was the one who helped me chose a model. After some searches and comparing the features available with prices, we ended up buying Nokia 5310 Express Music. That was also the time when I had just finished developing the Blogspot Template Generator. When I joined the company, we had many restrictions on the kind of websites that we could browse. Eventually Blogger is also blocked. Fortunately I got Airtel connection and came to know about the GPRS connectivity and the plans. At that time I din't know about Opera Mini and I was using the Nokia Default browser to browse the net. One day, when I tried to explore the phone I came across Opera Mini which is already installed. I was suprised to see websites in that small screen pretty much same as viewed in a PC. I checked the version and found it to be version 2. Quickly I browsed and updated the version to 4.2

As my phone is a java phone, I could'nt find any better Browser than Opera Mini (Recently I could find browsers like TeaShark, Bold etc trying to compete with Opera Mini). The features that i like the most in opera mini is the way it allows us to Zoom in and out, Rendering pages similar to desktop browsers, pretty good JS support, displaying colors matching the images (when images are disabled), speed at which the pages loads, swithcing between mobile and desktop views, full screen landscape view etc.

Being a jar file, It couldn't afford to consume lot of memory, so the file size is kept to around 200Kb and hence lot of features could'nt be embedded which I would have liked to see. Almost 2 years after version 4 released, I am still waiting for an update from Opera Mini. I would love to see some great changes for the wait the users of Opera Mini are having. I am expecting features like Tabbed browsing, Multiple File Downloading if possible with resume capability, and Flash Support embedded in it or may be Client Side Javascript. Though the anticipation from me is pretty high, I heard that Opera Mini is already trying to bring in Flash Support.

I hope Opera Mini 5 will be worth a wait.

Why do we have PERIODS in School/College ? 0 comments

May it be a school or a college, we are used to a period of 30 mins to 1 hour classes and Subjects keep on changing every period. The staffs have two advantage if they take classes continuosly for two periods. They cover more portions than taking two classes separately. And also staffs need to do a recap when taking class separately in two periods. But still most staffs prefer separate classses or giving breaks between the classes. One reason is that, the staff find it difficult to keep on taking classes for a long time. Another reason I came across recently while attending a communication class.

In the communication class that I attended, the staff showed us a set of 25 to 30 commonly used english words, and there is also one 3 word name of a person included in the middle of the list. The staff asked us to keep in mind as much words as possible. After some 30 seconds, the staff switched off the slide and asked us to write down all the words that they could recollect. After all of us were done, she again showed us the list, and asked us to cross check what all we have wrote, and what all we have missed. The staff asked us do you find any patterns in which we have remembered the words. Almost all the people attending the section had got most of the words that were at the TOP and BOTTOM of the list, and we were'nt able to remember most words that were in the middle of the list. Another suprise is that, we all have remembered the 3 word name. The staff then concluded that, Human brains are most concentrating at the start of a section and at the end of the section and they used to drift away in the middle. However when there is something unique or interesting it is naturally noticed by Human brain. Hence most of the people were able to remember the name. And our brain can't continuosly concentrate 100% for more than 20 or 30 mins.

This is the reason I realised for the Periods we have in schools. So if you are a staff and if you don't like giving breaks inbetween classes, have a rethink in your strategy to grab the attention of the students.

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Trix Blogspot Template Generator v2 Released 2 comments

We are glad to announce that we have completed the Blogspot Template Generator v2. When we started developing the version 2, our main aim was to bring a nice interface which is lacking in version 1. We also had many other thoughts of bringing in better features. But due to lack of time I wasn't able to accomplish all the thoughts we had. Though we haven't added many features, we are glad that we have introduced features like,

Multilevel Menu,
Analysing Design,
Saving multiple templates,
Generating Template for Webpages etc.

And we have also added a help panel which helps you understand the Tool and design the templates. So we are releasing the version 2 with great satisfaction about the outcome.

Suggestions Feedbacks and comments as usual are most welcomed.

Clipboard and Javascript 0 comments

Recently I got a forward which stated that we should be carefull with using our Clipboard. For those who don't know about clipboards, it is used for short time data storing. When we copy some text, they are placed in your clipboard. Interestingly Javascript can be used to access this clipboard data. If you are placing some important data in it(while usign copy, cut or CTRL + C) and accessing some page that has a Javascript code to get the information from your clipboard, then there are chances that you send your vital information.

You know what, just a single line of code is used above. Just press the button and you will see your clipboard data popping up. Works in Internet Explorer, and Latest version of IE alerts you whenever anything is trying to Access the Clipboard so that you can safely deny access.

Once this vital information is obtained, anyone can send the data without the knowledge of the person viewing the website. So beware of placing Contents into your Clipboard.

To overcome from this problem in Internet Explorer
1. Go to internet options->security.
2. Press custom level.
3. In the security settings, select disable under "Allow paste operations via script"
or you may see this option "Allow Programmatic Clipboard Access".

Opened a new Website 0 comments

I have opened a new website, Experience Infotainment

All the applications that I created have been moved to that website.

It also includes a forum. Do join and contribute [:)]

Thanks to all my well wishers, and supporters

Updates in Blogspot Template Generator 3 comments

Update 5 : Version 2 Released

Update 4 : We have moved Trix TG to a new domain, Please Visit here

Update 3 : Google Group for TrixTG, Orkut Community for TrixTG

Update 2 : We have started working on creating a newer version of TrixTG with improved user interface and additional features. Suggestions regarding the same are most welcome.

Update 1 : Header2 - bug in html code generated is fixed. I dint have any clue on how i made such silly mistake.

A Gift To JRD TATA 4 comments

Here is yet another amazing forward I got through mail, Look at the painting carefully.

In the picture, you can see a painting. This was a gift to JRD Tata on his Birthday by a street artist. Nobody was able to understand his art. Unfortunately, only the painting was given to JRD and the artist had promised to reveal the secret shortly. However, JRD was no more when the secret was actually revealed.

The secret is, when you place a steel rod at the circle in the first picture you saw, you will see the image of the JRD Tata as a reflection on the steel rod as seen in the second picture below. Isn't it incredible!!

Makes Me Wonder…

What was the artist doing on the streets of India????

Location: **Tata Museum, Jamshedpur.**

100 Percent.... A Small Story… 1 comments

A boy and a girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of marbles. The girl had some sweets with her. The boy told the girl that he will give her all his marbles in exchange for her sweets. The girl agreed.

The boy kept the biggest and the most beautiful marble aside and gave the rest to the girl. The girl gave him all her sweets as she had promised.

That night, the girl slept peacefully. But the boy couldn't sleep as he kept wondering if the girl had hidden some sweets from him the way he had hidden his best marble.

Moral of the story: If you don't give your hundred percent in a relationship, you'll always keep doubting if the other person has given his/her hundred percent.. This is applicable for any relationship like love, employer-employee relationship,friendship etc., Give your hundred percent to everything you do and sleep peacefully.

First Cousin Marriage - Beware !! 2 comments

A Person with whom you share a grandparent (but not a parent) is a first cousin. For years, the argument that has been existing is whether it is safe to marry a first cousin. There were talks that marrying a first cousing has higher risk of getting diseases, even at birth. They were also supported by the facts and figures taken from various surveys conducted across the globes.

There are many who are willing to marry a first cousin, mainly because they believe that the relationship would be much better with a person whom they know. They have better understanding and they have a nicer emotional feel. When scientists are trying to explain the risk in such marriages, many groups of people are denying it.

Studies says that there are higher chances that childs born to first cousins can get genetic defects, which may lead to rare but dangerous diseases. It is found that the children born has 10 times more chance of getting serious disability as a result of genetic disorder. Recessive genetic disorders (RGD) result from inheriting two defective recessive alleles of a gene, one from each parent. Let us have a look at genetics little a bit. We need a copy of a trait from both parents. Of these two copies, both can be dominant genes or one dominant and other recessive, or both recessive. We need atleast one dominant copy of the trait for that trait to show in the offspring. Eg) we need atleast one Tall (dominant gene) from any one of the parent to make the offspring tall. If both the copies are recessive, then that trait will not show in the offspring. If there happened to be one of these recessive traits being carried in people in the family, with every generation there is a greater chance that two carriers could come together and each donate a recessive trait. In other words, there is a greater probability that this trait will show up in a close family mating than in the general population. So if a child inherits a copy of same variant gene it may develop one of the 1000s of known RGD. Since the first cousin share the same grandparent, there are more chance for getting the two recessive gene (if present) one from each parent. Hence the risk increases.

In another point of view, when first cousins are married, there won't be much diversity in genes and chances of getting offspring with better qualities are reduced. When people with great qualities are confined to a community, there are chances that we lose them as we move down the generation.

So if you are willing to marry your first cousin, consult doctor and get yourself tested for the safety of your generation. Prevention is better than cure.

Negative marking !!! 3 comments

Negative marking in exams is part of evaluation process where in marks are deducted from the actual score for every wrong answer. It is now followed in most entrance exams. It makes more competition among the people attending the exam.

Most people are very much cautious while attending an exam that involves negative marking. They do not want to lose marks they have gained in other questions by attending questions that they dont know. I have attended few tests with negative marking and I believe that it is not a good idea to leave the question unanswered. The reason is as follows....

Negative marking scheme followed in the exams that I attended is deduction of 25% of marks assigned to the question that is wrongly answered. I assume there are four choices (1 correct and 3 wrong) to one question and each question carries one mark.

The probability that I chose the correct answer is 1/4 and for wrong answers, it is 3/4. Assume that I have four questions that I am not sure what to do or which is the correct answer. They are mutually independent of each other. So the probability that I answer all four wrongly is .75 x .75 x .75 x .75 = 0.32 and hence the probability that atleast one is correct is 1 - 0.32 = 0.68

Now if 1 question is wrong, I lose extra 0.25 marks. So total marks I lost extra if all four are wrong is 4 x 0.25 = 1 mark.

Assume I have atleast one correct. Then maximum that I will lose extra is 0.75

From this we see that we have greater probability(0.68) of gaining atleast 0.25 marks. Moreover we know atleast something about the subject. So we can eliminate options that we are sure which wont be the answer and this still increases our probability to gain marks. So I opt to attend all the questions than to leave the question unanswered. Caution to this approach is required if you are at the passing border.

I hope I am right in the probability calculation.... lol.

Abraham Lincoln's letter to his son's teacher 2 comments

He will have to learn, I know that all men are not just, all men are not true but teach him also for every scoundrel, there's a hero, that for every selfish politician there is a dedicated leader.

Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend it'll take him time, I know, but teach him if you can, that a dollar earned is far more valuable than five found Teach him to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning.

In school, teach him it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas Even if everyone tells him he's wrong. Teach him to be gentle with gentle people, and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd, when everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Teach him to listen to all men but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth, and take only the good that comes through.

Teach him he you can How to laugh when he's sad to teach him there's no shame in tears, Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness.

Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidder but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul. Let him have the courage to be patient to be brave. Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself because then he will always have Sublime faith in mankind.