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Wow I would like to have something like this one.

How to find the day for a given date ? 2 comments

Many are very much interested to find out the day in which they are born (birth "day"), most simple solution is open the date and time properties (by double clicking the clock in the down right corner in your desktop) and find the day corresponding to the date you required. However we can do that only for years 1980 or above in win XP. Or you can find some online programs/javascript that will do the job for you. This post will explain you the logic on how to do it manually.

Before knowing how to find out, we need to know some info:
* The no of days in each month in a year is 31, 28(29), 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31
* Now the odd days in each month in a year 3, 0(1), 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3
(odd days are obtained by finding the remainder when the no of days are divided by 7)
* % - gives remainder in a division operation
* Leap year: A year is said to be Leap year if it contains 29 days in February.

How to find whether a year is leap year or not ?
1) We get a leap year if that year is divisible by 4 exactly (eg., 1996 % 4 = 0 --> remainder)
2) Years divisible by 100 and not by 400 is not a leap year
eg 1) 1900 % 100 = 0 , not divisible by 400, hence 1900 is not a leap year. Similarly 2100,2200 are all not leap years.
eg 2) 2000 % 100 = 0 , divisible by 400, hence 2000 is a leap year. Similarly 2400, 2800 etc.

Now let us take an example:
We assume that we need to find the day of Aug 15, 1947 (India's Independence Day).

Step 1: Find leap year or not.
Using the above said conditions, find whether your year is leap year or not. To know whether a number is divisible by 4, you can see here
* 1947 is not a leap year as it is not divisible by 4

Step 2: Find out total odd days on months.
Method 1: Add all the days in the months before your month (that is august) and the date (that is 15) and find the remainder when the sum is divided by 7
* 31 + 28 (since, not a leap year) +31+30+31+30+31+ 15 = 227
* 227%7 = 3

Method 2: If adding like above is difficult, add all the odd days the months before august and add 15 % 7 = 1 to it. And then find the remainder when the sum is divided by 7.
* 3 +0(since not leap year) +3+2+3+2+3+1 = 17
* 17%7 = 3

Consider 1601 - 1700
Every year we have one odd day (meaning 365 % 7 = 1)
Every leap year have two odd day (meaning 366 % 7 = 2)
In 100 years (say 1601 - 1700) we have 24 leap years, 76 normal years.
That implies no of odd days in every 100 year = (2 x 24 + 1 x 76 ) % 7 = 124 % 7 = 5

so far 1601 - 1700 - 5 odd days
for 1701-1800 - 5 odd days
for 1801-1900 - 5 odd days
for 1901-2000 - 5 + 1 odd days
Since 2000 is a leap year where as 1700 and others are not, we have added 1 in the last statement.

So far a set of 400, we have (5+5+5+6 )%7 = 21 % 7 = 0 odd days

This implies, if 1-1-1601 is some day, then 1-1-2001 is also the same day, as the diff between them is 400.

So we can reduce multiples of 400 from the year we have.
that is 1947-1600= 347

Step 3: Find out the total odd days on year.
Step 3(i): (only if greater than or equal to 100 in the above calculation)

In 347 we have, 3 hundreds

Therefore we have
(no of odd days per hundred x no of hundreds) % 7 = (5 x 3) % 7 = 15 % 7 = 1

Now we can reduce multiple of 100 from the year we have.

Step 3 (ii) : Only if year greater than 1 in last calculation
We have already found the odd days in the 1947th year in step 2
Excluding the 47th year, there are 11 leap years and 35 normal years from 1901-1946
so (11x2 + 35x1) % 7 = 57 % 7 = 1

Step 4: (step 2 + step 3(i) + step 3(ii)) % 7
(3 + 1 + 1 ) % 7 = 5 % 7

Jan 1, 2001 is a Monday, depending on odd day, we have
1 is Monday
2 is Tuesday
3 is Wednesday
4 is Thursday
5 is Friday
6 is Saturday
0 or 7 is Sunday

so 5 is Friday , which is the day of Aug 15th, 1947.

What we have obtained is relative to 1-1-2001. If you are going to write a program using a programming language, this will be helpful to you to know the logic behind the program.

Note: In ancient time due to the difference in the mean real day and mean solar day, people have added an extra day every 4 years to compensate for it (which lead to Feb 29th). However they later found that in 1582 that, there is still some non-synchronization and this lead to Gregorian calendar which we follow today commonly. In Gregorian Calendar the conditions, as stated in how to find a leap year, are followed to make the necessary corrections due to the difference in the mean real day and mean solar day.

Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected 2 comments

Seems like someone was trying to hack Rapidshare, so many IPs are blocked. Old BSNL IPs started with 59.XXX.XXX.XXX and newer ones are So some BSNL users wont be able to download from rapidshare, whereas others will be able to.

In order to, download from rapidshare, we can use proxy. Proxy websites are that which allows us to browse websites that are blocked. The proxy sites acts as mediators between us and the website we want to browse.

To download from rapidshare, when ur IP is blocked
1) go to
2) copy the rapidshare url
3) paste in the space provided.
4) clik surf and wait till the page gets loaded

I found this site working fine for a 50 MB file. Others please comment, if it is working fine for you.

Shame the corrupt with Rs.0 0 comments

Changing Virtual Memory/Paging File size 0 comments

When a program is started, the program is taken from the secondary storage device - Hard Disk (HDD) and stored temporarily in the main (primary) storage device - RAM, for fast access. From here, the program is taken to CPU for processing. When the size of the RAM is small, and when it is insufficient to hold all the programs that are currently running, you will have to terminate existing program to start a new application. To solve this problem Virtual Memory is used.

In this concept, the application that is taking up space in the RAM and the part of the memory which is not used recently is taken and stored in the HDD. (Note: Original file in the HDD will be altered only when the file or its properties is saved). This frees up some space in the RAM. Thus it extends the main memory virtually.

We can change the maximum and minimum size of this virtual memory that you want the OS to allocate. Here is , how it is done.

1) Open Control Panel
2) Open Administrative tools (switch to Classic View)
3) Open Computer Management
4) Right click Computer Management (Local) and select properties
5) Open Advanced Tab --> Performace settings --> Change Virtual Memory.

Note: If the virtual memory size is reduced, the system will require a restart. Also, the space allocated for Virtual memory cant be used to store anything.

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Increasing Spams shadow Valuable Information 0 comments

Though there are many spam filters developed to stop the increasing amount of Spams, in forums of social communities like Orkut, people are finding easy means to advertise their products or websites or communities by means of flooding each and every community. Some people there join 100s and 200s of communities and flood those forums with advertisements. Result of this ? Many valuable information gets unnoticed. Even if a person wants to see something, he is not able to find what he wants. He sees something, and think that it is a spam or something like that, and dont get into see what it is actually. They fear of advertisements or spywares or viruses. People who did not know about these gets into the trap. So if there is something posted usefully, it is good to reply to those so that others will know that it is not a spam.

Laptop display / LCD display problems 0 comments

I have come across some problems in LCD display or Laptop displays.

1) Green, Red, Blue or some other color - vertical lines
First one line will come, and with continuous usage within one or two months you will get more than 10 vertical lines in your display.

2) Grey Vertical bars
Similar to lines, this will also increase, the darkness of these bars will increase as days goes by

In above two cases, there is problem with your LCD display and you have to replace it.

3) Screen becomes blank with some green or some other color filling the screen
I dint find any reason why I get this. But if you shutdown the system and then start it again, your display will work again.

4) Sometimes laptop get switched off adrubtly.
It might be due to over heating. The processor needs to shutdown during over heat, and so such a mechanism has been put in. If it is not shut down, it will damage your processor. Reason for overheating is there is a lot of dust inside the laptop or in the fan. Or the processor might be doing high resource taking process like, video encoding. Make sure you have enough ventilation at the back of the laptop. Since laptops are tightly packed it doesnt have much ventilation as in desktop PC.

Yesterday Bangalore, today Ahmedabad, tomorrow ? 6 comments

8 Serial Low intensity blasts rocked Bangalore yesterday, with 2 people reported dead and many injured. Now 17 Serial blasts hits Ahmedabad killing 2 and around 20 injured. All metro cities are now alerted.

India has not seen such attacks in the recent past. Don't know what happiness those X (unknown) group get by doing all these.

Really feeling sad for the victims. Hope this doesn't continue anymore. What else can I do other than writing this post :(

Using Mobile phones during Lightening 0 comments

Mobile phones have certainly changed our life style. Starting from school children to grandpa, everyone owns a cellphone. Now in many house we could find every member owning a mobile. May it be a Nokia old model phone or N series or Apples Iphone, what question I came across is can we use mobile phones during Lightening or Thunder ?

One day when I am sitting with my relatives, One of the member used his mobile phone to speak with his friend. It was a heavily raining during that time, with lightening and thunder. My father shouted at him, not to use Cellphone while Lightening and thunder.

Reports in China has said, 15 members have lost their life while speaking in mobile during lightening. However there are no proofs or evidences to justify the incidents. And many claim that Electromagnetic waves, which the cellphones uses, has no capability to carry thousands of watts of power from the lightening and the user might have struck only if he/she has been near/under highly dangerous places/peaks which could easily conduct electricity as it might have greater chance of lightening striking that place.

Whatever may be the actual fact, which is unknown, it is fairly safe not to use the Mobile phones during Lightening unless and otherwise it is important or an emergency.

Solving BSNL DNS problem 0 comments

BSNL Dataone service is very good recently. However there are some problems occurring with loading some pages. One time some page may open, someother time it wont. Once I am not able to login to Orkut. Then when I tried to search in google, I found that none of the Google related services are opening to me. It showed some errors like site not found or something like that. Since other pages are opening, I believed that it could be something to do with DNS address and the DNS server is not able to resolve the IP. And when I searched for someother DNS server addresses, I found these two address.

All that you have to do is, open your modem settings, and move to the DNS server and replace the default with these addresses, save and restart the modem. It solved my problem.

Lazy of giving feedbacks ? 0 comments

People using the internet (ofcourse, not excluding me) are becoming lazy enough and not giving feedbacks/comments about what they get from the internet. When they find some useful stuff from a page, they are not putting a little effort to acknowledge the owner of the website/post. Only a few do that. And only popular websites/blogs get the feedback.

For those who don't blog to earn, users do not realize that comments and feedbacks are the appreciation for their effort. And we cant blame them because either they already know those informations and the post has wasted their time or they have a lot of work or they think that they are copied from other page or they just wanted the owner of website/post to know that he has visited the post and they do not mind to read what is inside the post or they think that it is a spam.

Even if there is something wrong in the content, if someone could comment on it, the other reader will save some time. It doesn't happen mostly in fake download links and the users waste time downloading the whole thing and find that it is useless. Only few have the courtesy to alert the other users.

So how to win the readers ? Long post like what you find in this blog, and that which grinds the same thing can be reduced. Trying out better user interface (Even that needs user feedback). Be an user and analyse what you expect from your site. Bring in matters that are unique. Bring in things that are very difficult to find in the internet. Search with lateral thinking, you will find ideas. Find what others expect, from what you expect from others.

So now, how many comments can I expect for this post ?

Internet - Really Useful ? 0 comments

Bill Gates dream of Desktop PC at every home is fast approaching reality. Internet is also spreading with the arrival of Broadband. Millions and Billions of pages are created and linked in the Internet. Right from Cooking Tips, Beauty tips, Home making etc., upto finding resources for education, study centers, and other informations on current affairs or technology, we could find virtually anything on the Internet. Internet, because of immediate availability of information, is slowly shadowing the library and other resources, where we need to put little more effect.

For a person who comes with a problem/question, he has an answer surely in this data world. To ease our tasks, searches engines like Google, Yahoo etc., are developed, making us little lazy. Ready made softwares, templates, gadgets, scripts, codes etc., are readily available for download to create astonishing sites by any user who has little knowledge about computer and Internet. But is there information available in all these sites ? When we search for something, we get enormous number of results, though we will look into only few pages of results. Most sites have relatively the same information copied from each other. The site which gives better advertisement and user interface wins the search.

Because of so many likely results, we tend to feel that the information actually is true. We do less analysis on these informations. We believe that they are true. However feedbacks from the other users helps us to understand to how far the information is true.

Let us see in web creators point of view. One set of people create websites for their company or whatever business they have. Others create websites for personal use, to share their personal information with the world. Some try to help others understand or learn something through their forums or blogs. And there is another interesting set which earn from their websites/blogs. There are many advertisers who wish to pay the website owners for every user who clicks on their advertisement. Some pay the website owners for making reviews about them/their sites.

People who have the patience, and knows the inside out of the internet, will earn themselves something from the internet. People who don't know much about these stuffs will let others earn from them.

Blu Ray Discs or HD DVDs ? 0 comments

Do you remember a 3.5 inches round magnetic tape with plastic covering ? Have you seen it at-least ? Today's computer system doesn't even have that so called Floppy Disks, which could store only one 1024x768 resolution JPG image. Then came CD drives, and then the CD-RW drives. Then the DVDs , DVD-RW. In market, it is difficult to find one CD-R or CD-RW drive these days. Every system comes with a DVD drive or DVD combo drive at-least. With newer technology and very high resolution TVs/screens and surround sound systems, 8.5 GB (Dual Layer DVD) seems not enough to put a movie with the highest quality. Then came the High Definition DVDs (HD-DVDs) and Blu Ray Disc (Note: It is not Blue Ray Disc).

How CDs and DVDs store data? Lasers are used to burn small pits on the surface of Discs. The presence or absence of pits determines the data present in the CD or DVD. Reflection property is used for reading the data.

While CDs and DVDs used red lasers (higher wavelength), Blu ray and HD DVDs used blue lasers (lower wavelength). Lower the wavelength, more closer the pits can be made and hence more data. So Blu-Rays and HD DVDs are able to store many times more data than normal DVDs.

Normal DVDs can store over 2 hours of standard movie quality which we see in Televisions. HD DVDs has a capacity of around 30 GB (dual layer) and can store over 2 hours of high definition video, which is much clearer than normal videos. Blu-Ray Discs are build similar to HD DVDs but has a memory of around 50 GB (dual layer). Blu Ray discs cost much higher than the HD DVDs and since 30 GB is almost enough to put in a Single High Definition movie, HD DVDs are preferred now. Future technology will decide which will survive in the market.

With the trend in the computer market, next generation will most likely do not know what is a CD or DVD.

Objectives over Descriptive 0 comments

Right from KG to PG, we have come across two types of questions in our exams.

Descriptive: Questions that expect elaborate answers. It may be a "how" type question, "why" type question etc.

Objectives: Questions that have one word (sometimes a line) answers. Yes or No questions, Fill ups, choose and some "what" type questions comes under this.

Descriptive questions helps us to understand on to what extend we know something. Whole of something or few of something. Objectives helps us understand how well we could analyse on what we know.

Have have you ever wondered why most entrance exams have objective type questions ? why not they chose descriptive ?
Objectives, as I have said above helps us to analyse what we know. People are interested to find out how much analytical you are, how much you work your brains. This is one reason. Another reason is, Evaluators of our answer sheet wont get deceived by the way answer paper is presented and every individuals paper are corrected in a fair manner. The evaluator needs to put correct for the answer which is right, and wrong for the answer which is wrong. There is no question of how much marks to give. It is either 0 or 1. Also Computers can be used for evaluating these type of questions. OMR (Optical Mark Reading or recognition) is used by Machines to evaluate the answer sheets.

CAT Question Papers Collection 12 comments

My friend asked me to search for CAT previous years Question papers. I searched in Net and found these. So thought of sharing with you all.

Download Here
Size: 7.1 MB

Update: As per request, again I searched for some CAT papers with answers and I found this
Download Here
Size: 2 MB

Update : I have no idea whether it is originally 2008 papers... But managed to get it from another site, with little bit of search. Someone please confirm it :)
Download Here

CAT-1999 Test.pdf
CAT-2000 Test.pdf
CAT-2001 Test.pdf
CAT-2002 Test.pdf
CAT-2003 First Test.pdf
CAT-2004 Test.pdf
CAT-2005 Solved.doc
CAT-2005 Test.pdf

Files in second zip file
CAT 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 papers with answers

Note: Due to retest, you may find different question and answers in two papers of the same year. So make sure that you have the right answer for the right question.

I found another page with lot of collections,

My First Project Experience 0 comments

I would like to remember always my first project I worked with 2 of my college friends for about a week. It would be better if I call that a mini-project of school. The reason is, the project is not upto the standard expected from a college student. Yet we worked whole heartedly. My core is ECE and our project is to model a robot for a soccer competition in a popular college. Since we belong to ECE and it is our first attempt to expose ourself to the outside, we concentrated on the electronic control parts of the robot.

We used base from a toy car. And we used relays (I would like to call that an electromagnetic switch) to switch the direction of wheels like right and left, front and back. Transistors, as switch, controlled the relays. And we got a 315 MHz transmitter and receiver from Ritchie street ( a popular place in Chennai, to get electrical, electronic and computer accessories). We used HT12E (encoder) and HT12D (decoder) ICs to encode 4 bits (for four controls - left, right, front, back) into one single line in the transmitter end (remote) and to decode serial data into 4 bits in the receiver (robot). These signals are used to activate 4 relays and in-turn control the direction of 2 DC motors.

We have been working on this for 1 week. The reason for so long time is that, we had problems activating the relay using the transistor. We were not able to form a compatibility between decoder output, transistor and switch. And for finding out the correct resistors value (we were a little weak at circuits) to make the switching circuit work, we took lot of time. When we are finally done, and when we used batteries and checked the circuit, we found that the relay circuit drew more power from the battery and the batteries were quickly draining (I think we dint get the right transistor for switching). But we had no other go at that time as it is the last day.

Through out the night we have been giving final touch to the robot. And morning, on event day, I was half asleep. And I am not able to participate in the event. Though I went there with my friends. We have reached the place. And when we had a final test, we found that there is some short circuit in the PCB. And later we found that the transmitter is not working. We were all out and were sitting hopeless. But by luck, our friends have taken car circuits with us. Quickly we used those circuits and what we made is actually a car (instead of a robot). We played the first round. Luck came with us, our opponent robot stopped working when on stage. The people conducting the event requested as to put one goal, and we will go to next round. But though the opponent robot is stationary we dint put any goal and said that "No, No. Not against incapable opponent." That was very funny. At last they allowed us to next round where we lost.

We encouraged ourselves by saying that we went to first round for working hard for one week. We still laugh at what happened on that day. Really a project experience to keep in mind for life time.

How many prime numbers are there ? 0 comments

With little bit of thinking we can say how many prime numbers are present, finite or infinite? Following small work out gives the answer.

Multiplication of first 'N' primer numbers + 1 will give you another prime number.

Eg) 2x3 +1 = 7 , a prime number.

2x3x5 + 1 = 31 , a prime number.

Note: It doesn't give immediate next prime number.

Like wise... multiplication of all known prime numbers + 1 will give another primer number. This implies that number of primer numbers is infinite.

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Tips: Group Discussion 22 comments

Remember the days where you used to have discussion with 2 or more of our friends sitting over a small wall wasting our time usefully on some topics like current affairs, sports, cinema, debates etc ?

If you remember those, that is what this post is all about. Group discussion takes place in many places where the people in the discussion are given the freedom to express their thoughts. Like what I said above, Parliaments, Group discussion(GD) in interviews etc.

I would like to mainly concentrate on GD in interviews and like to give some tips for GD. I have already said what is Group Discussion (GD) in general. When it comes to hiring people for Job, GD is used as one of the tool to short list people. A batch of people are allowed to speak over some topic and your way of approach, your knowledge, body language etc is analysed to select you for the next stage in the hiring process. It is next important step in hiring process after tests, so here are some tips for that.

1) First thing is we must have confidence to speak. Think of your GD mates as your friends (on small wall).

2) It is more obvious that if we know more about the given topic, we will have more confidence and we speak without problems. So try to be updated with current affairs, and know about general topics.

3) People watching your discussion see at your body language, the way you speak, the way you show your presence at the GD, the way you move with other people etc.

4) Take a pen and paper with you. Make note of important points that you have in mind and what others say.

5) When some topic is given, always grab the opportunity to speak first. The person who speaks first and last will have good attention among the people watching you.

6) If you are the first to speak, start with greetings. Say good afternoon gentleman or whatever. Introduce yourself. If you haven't done before. Just saying your name will be sufficient.

7) Just because you want to start first, don't blabber something. It will be a black mark till the end of the discussion. Understand the topic and if you are sure about your points start the discussion. First impression is the best impression.

8) Don't be too loud. Speak with a volume level that will be sufficient for the other members to hear you.

9) Don't point on to others with your finger. Use your pen (hold casually between pointing and middle finger) to point at someone.

10) Validate your points with stats. Give proofs/incidents to make your point more effective.

11) How long or how first you speak doesn't matter, The point you give is what matters.

12) Don't speak for more time. It will show your dominant character. Give chance to others. (Say if the GD time is 10 minutes. Don't keep on speaking for 5 minutes).

13) If you have 5 or 6 points on a topic. Don't say all of them at the same chance. It will make you idle for the rest of the discussion. Use 2 or 3 points and leave the rest for the next chance. But make sure you get another.

14) Have a flow in your points. Don't jump from one point to another abruptly.

15) Don't keep on repeating the same point again and again. If the discussion gets centered at the same point, try to bring in new dimension to the discussion with your points.

16) Keep your points short and simple. It will help others to understand you easily and will help you save time and you could give more points. Also don't be too fast. Speak at the nominal speed. You need not need to master the language, all that you need is to make others understand what you think, in a simple way.

17) Don't use highly technical words on general topics. Use words that others can understand.

18) If any person from the group is not coming forward to speak for a long time, kindly request him to give his views.

19) If somebody else speaks for more time, ask him to let others a chance to speak.

20) If you don't know much about the topic, listen to what the first two or three persons say and start speaking related to the topic.

21) Don't speak irrelevant to the topic. If the discussion drifts away from the topic, pull it back.

22) Don't sit quiet for a long time or till all the people finish speaking. Grab your chance as soon as possible

23) If you want to stop a person who is speaking for a long time, look at his eyes for a long time. Make him look at you. If he pauses for a moment somewhere use the opportunity.

24) If you don't want anyone to pause you, don't look at a constant place or person. Look at all the people. Move your heads/eyes towards all the people. Don't leave a pause between two points.

25) Don't look at some where else. More important don't look at the people who are seeing your discussion (evaluators).

26) Listen to what others say. Make note of points if possible. Generate points from others views.

27) If the discussion becomes like a fish market, bring it back. Stop fighting and shouting at each other all at a time.

28) Don't go hard at other persons views. Use polite words and explain your point denying his views. Use words like "My points differs from your point" instead of negatives like "I don't agree with you", I strongly object" etc.

29) Try to use words like "As my friend said", "As my friend rightly pointed out", "I agree with what he/she said" etc. If you know his/her name, use his/her name.

30) Your body language is very important. Don't shake your legs. Move your hands according to what you speak. Maintain eye contact with others while you speak or when some other person speaks look at him/her. Your gestures and mannerism are more important than what you speak.

31) Don't allow the discussion to go idle. If no one has any points to say, don't be silent. Ask others whether they have any other points. If not, conclude the discussion.

32) Grab the opportunity to conclude the discussion. During conclusion, list out all the important points that are pointed out by all the person in the discussion. You can make use of tip no 29. If someone else have already made the conclusion don't add extra points after it and start the discussion again, remember its already ended.

33) Main objective of the discussion is to select people who can work as a team. You need to go along with the group fluently, listen to others point, make valuable contributions, express your views, etc. Don't be emotional.

Keep yourself cool throughout the discussion and be the winner. All the best.

Knowing your motherboard model 1 comments

My friend, while browsing his PC, came across this.

If you don't know what is your motherboard model and you don't have the box and the related stuffs like Motherboard driver CD or your motherboard does not have the model name painted on it or if you fear opening the cabinet to avoid risks or you are LAZY to do so,

For xp
Start menu --> run --> type “dxdiag”. On the "system" tab you have the motherboard manufacturer' s name mentioned as "system manufacturer" and model shown as "system model".

For vista
Start menu --> in search space type “run” --> type “dxdiag”. On the "system" tab you have the motherboard manufacturer' s name mentioned as "system manufacturer" and model shown as "system model".

This will be needed if one or more of the above problems exist and you have lost your motherboard driver/utilities cd (and you are in need of it.) You can download it from the respective manufacturer' s website.

However this method wont work in all cases.

1. Fortunately for company-bought laptops the procedure gives the model of the laptop (for e.g. “travelmate.. .”) rather than the mothboard model and the laptop manufacturer’s name rather than the motherboard’s manufacturer’s name. This leads to no problem the reason being that when you search for the “travelmate.. .” (as in the e.g.) in the laptop manufacturer’s website, you get the appropriate drivers. What he mean is that though you have no idea of the motherboard’s model number you indirectly get the drivers and utilities for your laptop.

2. The above method won't work when you have the chipset of one company (e.g. ATI Radeon) on another company’s motherboard (e.g. Intel). He actually witnessed it in Intel D101GGC motherboard which has ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset (This is one which he encountered. There are many other combinations. The chipset model is independent of the motherboard’s). In this case when you follow the procedure you get the chipset model number and the chipset manufacturer’s name.

But there is still some way to find out the motherboard model without opening the PC. there are softwares that can identify the serial number present in the BIOS. By deciphying the serial number you can identify your mother board model through those softwares.

Other Softwares, I found are
1) Tune up utilities - Download install and open the software. In additional tools you will find system information. Apart from this, this software has many other features like, uninstalling some programs that can't be uninstalled/ not removed from Add/remove programs.

2) System information for windows: This software gives information about all the hardwares /softwares installed in your system and about networks also.

First try the dxdiag method, then if you find it not successful (and if you want only the drivers), you can get softwares like driver detective. Else go in for softwares like tune up utilites or system information for windows.

To know whether a number is divisible by... 0 comments

This is one of the shortcuts to do fast calculations. If you want to know whether a number is divisible by a number in 1-20 read through the following.

1 & 2 - You all know that
3 - (sum of all the digits) should be divisible by 3
eg) 123...1+2+3= 6....6 is divisible by its divisible by 3
4 - last two (lower most) should be divisible by 4
eg) 3456...56 is divible by 4...hence 3456 is also divisible by 4
5 - number ends with 0 or 5
6 - the number should be divisible by both 2 and 3
7 - oscillator rule (it is at the end)
8 - last 3 digits should be divisble by 8
eg) 4248....248 divisible by 8...hence 4248 also is divisible
9 - (sum of all the digits) should be divisible by 9
10 - number ends with 0
11 - (sum of odd digits - sum of even digits) should be multiple of 11
eg) 121
(1+1)-(2) = 0...multiple of 11...
(9+7)-(5) = 11...divisible by 11
12 - should be divisible by both 3 and 4
13 - oscillator rule
14 - should be divisible by both 7 and 2
15 - should be divisible by both 3 and 5
16 - last 4 digits shoulkd be divible by 16
17 - oscillator rule
18 - should be divisible by both 9 and 2
19 - oscillator rule
20 - last 2 digits divisible by 20

Oscillators Rule:
I guess this rule works fine for all prime numbers...2,3,5,7 etc
I will explain it with 2 or 3 examples....

5901 - divisible by 7 or not...?
just multiply 7 by a least number such that the unit place of the result is 9....
that is 7x7= 49 ...leave that 9 and have those remaining, 4...add 1 to

it...therefore 4+1=5
now take the last digit alone in the 1...multiply 5 with it...5
add 5 to the last digit is 5...5x5=25 add to the

remaining...59+25=84...divisible by 7...therefore 5901 is divisible by 7

another example
6783 divisible by 17 or not?

17x7 = 119
(for numbers like this...where u have more than 10...or some big numbers...)
then you can do this....
carry the same procedure from here...but u should subtract instead of addition
so 3x5=15
66-15=51...divisible by 17..hence the result...

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Positive and Negative Thoughts 0 comments

Many, even I, have insisted to have positive approach in your life. Having a positive thought will help you to have success in your life. When you believe in you, you will be successful. As always, too much of anything is fit for nothing. Even the positive approach you have should be limited to certain cases. Negative thoughts are also important in certain parts of your life.

If you are so much positive and say that I wont die when I fall from 5th floor of your building, you are certainly a fool. You have to have negative thoughts as well. Positive thoughts helps you to move ahead, and negative thoughts helps you not to move ahead towards danger. Your positive thought allows you to invent something new. Your negative thought helps you to figure out what danger is present in it, how to overcome certain dangers if it occurs.

So be positive in your life, invent , succeed and at the same time don't be over positive. So be negative, figure out the dangerous pits, succeed and at the same don't be over negative.

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Tips : Speed up your system 0 comments

Have you ever felt that the system has slowed down and it is not performing like what it did after installing the windows/operating system ? If your answer is yes, then you need to go through some of the useful tips below for speeding up your system.

1) Remove Startup Items that are unwanted
You can do this by opening Run-->type msconfig and press enter
Open the startup tab... and uncheck the items that are not needed
This helps us to improve the startup speed.

2) Defragmentation
As time goes by, big files or even small files get splitted and saved in different memory locations in ur hard drive when u copy something to it. This is because Hard disk controllers choose random locations to store the files. If there are not enough free space to accomadate the file at a stretch, it puts a link and store the remaining part of the file in someother location. The effect of which is, it will cause the hard disk to read the same file from different locations which will cause increase in access time. The Windows OS provides us with a useful Utility called Disk Defragmenter which could be found at Programs --> accessories --> system tools. This utility picks up fragmented files and puts into continuous locations. Apart from this utility, there is another software called DiskLite, which does the same process.

3) Softwares
Have/Install softwares that you require. Try to reduce the number of softwares by having a software that gives most functions. For Eg, Media Player Classic or VLC media player plays most of the file formats, and may not require the codecs to be installed to play certain files. So it is better to install these softwares than to install a player for different formats and codec for reading those formats. It is recommended to have your softwares in the drive where there is Windows installed. (safety tip: Dont have your important documents or other files in your windows drive. In case of OS crash, it will be helpful to format the windows drive without loosing the important contents)

4) Registry
The more you install, the more the registry gets bigger. When ur registry keeps on building its size, it will increase the processing time. Use Registry mechanic to remove unwanted/broken registry entries.

5) Portable Softwares
There is a recent trend of using this kind of s/w. Portable S/W are that which can be taken to any place via USB or CD and can be used anywhere without actual installation of the s/w. So this will not add any files to windows directory or make an registry entry which occurs during installation of a s/w. But the drawback on these s/w may be that, it requires time for loading every time you start the s/w. So for bigger s/w portables are not advisable, whereas small portable s/w can be used.

6) Multiple Files
When moving many number of files, say for eg, while moving/copying a set of pictures collection, It takes huge time to copy/move. The reason is simple, more the number of files, more the access time of each file. So keeping the files zipped makes it a single file. Now moving/copying this zip file will consume way too less than actual. It is very helpful when moving contents from one place to another using USB.

7) Anti Virus
It is very much required to make your anti-virus to start at startup of windows and run throught out the session to safequard your system. But the choice of AV is important. The AV you use shouldnt slow down ur PC. So get a better and faster anti-virus like Nod32 or Kaspersky.

8) Keep Ur files and folders Organised
This is the most common tip. The better you know the system and where your files are present, the better you can traverse through your folders. Keep the right content at the right place.

9) Last but not least
Get more RAM memory and have a high speed processor with more internal cache memory (or even dual core or quad core processors and so on. These processors have multiple cores which process different programs in different cores. You could feel the performance improvement when you run programs that consumes much resource like video processing, playing very high graphics games etc)

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Want to wake up early ? 0 comments

Technology, in the recent past has shown unimaginable improvements. Right from the start of the day we are seeing and living with technology. It starts from ringing of alarm from the clock. Each day we have more and more work and the time we spend for sleep is decreasing constantly. We very often have to wake up early in the morning. We use alarm to aid us in waking up early. We use clocks and now cell phones to keep alarms. However Technology is bound to fail any time and may screw you sometimes when it is really important for you to wake up.

During my school days I used to wake up early for studying rather than sitting at late nights. I do not know, but I rarely get up hearing the alarm. My mother used to wake me up. What if my mother and me are at sound sleep ? What if the alarm clock fails ? What if I dint keep my alarm at proper time ? What if I forget to switch on the alarm ? All these questions puzzle my mind everytime I go to sleep before my exam days.

One day my friend said to me something. Now wait, before proceeding you should promise that you wont laugh or scold me. What he said is to drink a liter of water before going to bed and next day I will get up early at "nature's call". Even though you wont get up precisely at the time you require, it prevents you from putting yourself into serious trouble. And yeah, drinking water is good for health. Though this idea said by friend sounds silly, I used to follow it sometimes.

Another way is to train your body to wake up at the same. When you go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time (using alarm) for a long period of time, your body gets trained to wake up at that time and you will wake up automatically as days goes by.

Speed Up Internet in Windows XP 0 comments

* Make sure your logged on as actually "Administrator".
* Start->Run->type gpedit.msc
* Expand the "Local Computer Policy" branch.
* Expand the "Administrative Templates" branch.
* Expand the "Network Branch".
* Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left window.
* In right window double-click the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" setting.
* On setting tab check the "Enabled" item.
* Where it says "Bandwidth limit%" change it to read 0.

Effect is immediate on some systems, some need to re-boot. This is more of a "counter what XP does" thing. In other words, programs can request up to 20% of the bandwidth be reserved for them, even with QoS disabled

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SF 4 YM, MSN, SMS & others 3 comments

Looks weird ? May be for people who do not type much in Short forms. Short forms are used increasingly in Mobile SMS and other web messaging services. Reason is very obvious, time factor length of message, reply speed and so on. Here is a list of short forms that are commonly used and it may be helpful for you to type faster.

AB - Ah Bless!
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFK - Away From Keyboard
AKA - Also Known As
AML - All My Love
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ASL? - Age, Sex, Location?
ATB - All The Best
ATK - At The Keyboard
ATM - At The Moment
A3 - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
BAK - Back At Keyboard
BBL - Be Back Later
BBS - Be Back Soon
BF - Boy Friend
BFN/B4N - Bye For Now
BGWM - Be Gentle With Me
BMW - Be My Wife
BRB - Be Right Back
BRT - Be Right There
BTW - By The Way
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye For Now
CU - See You
CUL8R - See You Later
CYA - See You
D8? - Date?
EOL - End of Lecture
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FC - Fingers Crossed
FOAD - F**k Off And Die
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information
F2F - Face to Face
GAL - Get A Life
GE - Good Evening
GF - Girl Friend
G2G - Got to Go
GG - Good Game
GM - Good Morning
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
GN - Good Night
GR8 - Great!
GTH - Go To Hell
G9 - Genius
HAND - Have a Nice Day
HBTU - Happy Birthday To You
HOAS - Hold On A Sec
HUD - How You Doing?
H&K - Hugs and Kisses
IC - I See
ICQ - I Seek you
IDC - I Don't Care
IDK - I Don't Know
ILU - I Love You
IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IOU - I Owe You
IOW - In Other Words
IRL - In Real Life
JAM - Just A Minute
J4F - Just For Fun
J4K - Just For Kicks
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
LDR - Long Distance Relationship
LMAO - Laugh My *** Off
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
LTNS - Long Time No See
L8R - Later
M8 - Mate
MSG - Message
MTE - My Thoughts Exactly
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
NE - Any
NE1 - Anyone
NM - NeverMind
NRN - No Reply Necessary
NWO - No Way Out
OIC - Oh I See
OMG - Oh My God
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OTT - Over The Top
PCM - PLease Call Me
PITA - Pain In The ***
PML - Piss Myself Laughing
PRT - Party
PRW - Parents Are Watching
PTB - Please Text Back
QT - Cutie
R - Are
RLR - Earlier
ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROFLOL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *** Off
RMB - Ring My Bell
RU - Are You?
RUOK - Are You OK?
SD - Sweet Dreams
SK8 - Skate
SRY - Sorry
STATS - Your Age, Sex, Location?
STFU - Shut The F**k Up!
TB - Text Back
TC - Take Care
THX - Thank You, Thanks
TMB - Text Me Back
TTFN - TaTa For Now!
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TTTT - To Tell The Truth
U - You
U2 - You Too
U4E - Yours For Ever
UI! - You Idiot!
UR - Your
W@ - What
WB - Welcome Back
****** - What The F**k
WTG - Way To Go!
WTH - What The Hell
WUF - Where Are You From?
W8 - Wait...
10Q - Thank You
7K - Sick

Cows and Bulls: An English word game 0 comments

Well do not worry how this game got its name, even i don't know how. This game become very much popular in my class, when I am doing BE - final year and we used to play even while classes going on.

This game is more like "Yaar manasula yaaru" (a program in Vijay Tv, where a guy finds out a person who is kept in mind by another person by asking him some questions for which the other person should answer him only yes or no).

In this game, a person thinks of a 5 letter word (no repeated letters) and the other person needs to find out that word.

How to play the game:
* A person will think of a English word (with some meaning... and no names)...

* It should contain only 5 letters.. and no repeated letters in it

* Second person have to find that word...

* Second person has to tell a maximum of 10 words..(all should not have any repeated letters) one by one.

* Each time the person gives a word... the one who thinks the word has compare that with his word... and should say how many letters are in the same place as the word(Bulls) and how many letters are misplaced... (Cows).. if no letters are there in that word.. then he has to say 0.

eg) If I think of the word... ready
and someone gives the word as "trace"
letter 'a' is in the same place...
letter 'e' & 'r' is misplaced
and other two are not there....
so I will tell 2C , 1B .... (Meaning 2 cows and 1 Bulls)

* Like wise maximum of 10 words can be given... and the answer should be found in that 10 words... The second person has to work out his minds to figure out which letters comes in which place and finally find out the word.

Seems interesting ? why not play with your friend ?

Why do we have two eyes ? 0 comments

Experiment with judging depth
What you need:
Two pencils

What you do:
Hold the end of a pencil each hand. Hold them out in front of you at arms length from your body. With one eye closed, try to touch the tips of the pencils together. Now try with two eyes - it should be much easier. This is because each eye looks at the image from a different angle and your brain uses both pictures to work out the distance and depth between the two pencils

How come we have two eyes but only see one of everything?
Ever hear the phrase "two are better than one"?

Having two eyes is certainly better than having just one because two eyes provide us with stereo vision and depth perception -- two things that just eye could not give us.

With 2 ½ inches separating our two eyes, each eye views an object from a slightly different angle. For instance, if you hold up a flower and look at it with just your right eye, the image is different from the image of when you look at it with just your left eye. The right eye sees more of the right side of the flower while the left eye sees more of the left side of the flower. If you placed the two different images on top of one another, they would not match and our vision would be out of focus. However, our brains sort out these varying visual messages from our two eyes, combines the images, and the recreates one three-dimensional image.

This is referred to as binocular vision. Just like your look through two lenses in binoculars, humans view the world through two lenses. The eyes of many other animals are placed differently than ours. Many birds have an eye on each side of their head. Each eye sees a completely separate area stretching out on the left or the right.

Viewing the world through two eyes provides us with depth perception. When you look at the flower through just one eye, it looks a lot flatter.

Rseearch at an elingsh uinervtisy 0 comments

Aoccdrnig to rseearch at an elingsh uinervtisy it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey ltteer by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.

Video: How to drive a car safely 0 comments

This video is highly hilarious and very informative. Do watch this video.

Coming soon: Some theory on how to drive a car.

Twins help identify Genes 0 comments

Our human body is made of billions of variety of Cells. Each cell in human body contains more than 25,000 genes. Genes are define our body. They are responsible for building all the proteins that make our bodies function. In other words they contain instructions for building up of our body. Most characters that we inherit from our forefathers, ancestors etc occur due to inheritance of Gene from our ancestors to us.

Studies say that genes are responsible for many diseases. If the genes that cause particular diseases can be identified, many diseases can be cured by gene therapy. To identify the particular gene which is responsible for particular characteristic of our body, Twins help us a lot. Twins have many genes that are common and they also have genes that differ. By studying the gene structures of both twins, it has become possible to identify genes that are responsible for various characteristics of our body.

Forward this message: Hoax 0 comments

Many times I have received lot of messages in my spam folder, orkut inbox, scraps and even in Yahoo messenger from my friends etc asking me to forward some message to so and so many friends. It will say, if you do so then your wish will come true, you will get so and so money per forward you make, etc. Or it will say, if you dont forward the message, your account will be deleted, no of names available is very less and some blah blah. As far as I know there is no system that can track the entire message path. And all these messages are hoax, done merely to popularise something or done by people who dont have work. If you receive such messages asking you to forward those messages, ignore those message and stop flooding your friend's inbox and wasting their time.

Hindu Marriage: Arundhati Star 0 comments

Hindu marriage ceremony has a event where bridegroom shows Arundhati to his wife. Arundhati is one of the double star. It is attached to the star Vasishtha. Double Stars (visual binaries) are two stars that move around together gravitationally bound to each other. Star Vasishtha is more than 10 times brighter than the star Arundhati and it is harder to differentiate Arundhati from Vasishtha. Like this double Star, the couple are expected to be together for ever.

Tree: Amazing, Incredible 0 comments

The one who designed this tree should be good in Engineering Mechanics.

This photo is taken from a plot near a Marriage hall at vadasery in Nagercoil.

Longest word in English 0 comments

English language allows formation of new words by construction. Depending on what constitutes an English word,

Chemical Name of Titin is considered the longest word in the English language. As it's the largest known protein consisting of 26,926 amino acids, it has the longest chemical name. It contains just 189,819 Letters. This is the chemical name.


Well sorry, I am not able to post the full word. I saved that in a document and the no of pages went to 43.5 and the size of the file is 212 KB. Anyone want the word ? Download from here

How do I learn Maths ? 2 comments

Maths - one of the most important subject, that comes with you throughout your life. The only subject which is independent of other subjects. All other subjects receives help from this unique one. Yet most people think that it is the toughest of all subjects.

To me, the subject I like the most is Maths. Of course, most people score more marks in the subject they like and most like the subject in which they score more. Whatever you do with interest, you will succeed in it. So first thing is to develop interest towards it. It is another subject like Physics or Chemistry or English or whatever.

How to prepare for it ? Maths is not a subject to study like other subjects. Other subjects is more of theory whereas Maths is analytical. So you should not train by-hearting Maths. Practise makes a man perfect. So work out as many problems as you can. More important find out shortcuts to solve problems. This will help you save time, and will also make you stand unique among others. Following are some tips that you can follow to excel in Maths.

1) When there is some formula, learn to derive it first. Know what it is the purpose of the formula. When to apply it? What data you will be needing? This will help you to alter the formula here and there to match the question you have.

2) You don't need to keep too much formulas in mind. Most formulas are inter-related. With one or two steps, you can derive at the required formula if you know some basics formulas in each chapter.

3) There are some cases (especially in Choose and proofs) , where we can start from the solution rather than the question. Though it is not a good practice, it saves time for you.

4) When you prepare notes in your class room, don't write all the steps. When you look at your notes in the future, you will question what I have done here, and you will remember the step better. If you write all the steps in the notes, you will skid through your notes and there are chances that you forget things. When learning a problem, make note of important steps alone, eg I have to make a substitution at this step.

5) Do mind calculations for small steps and skip unnecessary steps. Like 5+(3*5)=5+15=20. Here second step is unnecessary.

Hope these are useful to you.

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Secrets of Success - Part 1 0 comments

Billions of people live in this world. Millions have aim, goal etc., in which some may be short term and others long term. Whatever may be the aim, what ever may be the term, there are some simple things that one could follow to achieve his goal.

First thing is more obvious, One should have a goal first. Without it you are going to proceed nowhere. Is deciding on a goal sufficient? Definitely not. He should be clear in what his goal is. The goal should be refined and reasonable.

Studies say that more than 90% of successful person have the habit of writing diary. So the next thing to do after deciding on your goal is to write it down and yes, keep it safer.

The goal wont come towards you, it is you who have to march towards it, work towards it. But first you have to have full faith in yourselves. Having positive attitude is very much essential towards achieving the goal. We program our subconscious mind and believe that we would achieve that goal. You may read more here on subconscious mind and the power behind it. Only when you have the the belief, you can work whole heartedly towards achieving it. Else you will work only for granted.

Secret of Success, other part(s) will be posted soon, which will contain the remaining.

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Waking up your "Subconscious Mind" 3 comments

A question that has been in my mind for a long time - "Whether Science can explain all things in this universe?" or "Whether religions, their sayings can explain this universe?". Though many theories have come up, neither science nor religion explained all things in the universe. Science not able to prove all birth of the universe and other kinds whereas religious followers not able to prove the existence of God.

Meanwhile we have to see something which most of us are unaware of - something supernatural - something which only few people know that they have. Few people have claimed to move or lift objects without touching the object. Many such cases has been shown in the TV. Scientists says that some use science and tricks to make an illusion to others. However science is not able to explain completely the reason for certain cases where it found no such tricks. In such cases, scientists say that these people use the power of mind to move the objects without touching them.

Brain consists of two parts, conscious mind and subconscious mind. Conscious mind is something which we are aware of. Subconscious mind is something which is millions times more powerful and speeder than conscious mind. By practice and repeated actions, we (may be others also) program our subconscious mind. That is why when speaking or driving we dont think and we do work automatically. But when we do new things like learning to drive, we tend to think and use our conscious mind to do our work, which is why we are slow. Around 95% of our activities are performed by our sub-conscious mind.

Sometimes we feel that there is something/force that is responsible for an incident. Say for eg, A person believes that he gets placed in a specific company or gets selected in a specific college and when it actually happens he feels wondered that what he thought has happened. We can call that as our instinct.

Science is now trying to relate the power that the subconscious mind has, with the events of the world and lot of research has been going on in this aspects. They also found some positive results in their research. Some reports say that, power of subconscious mind was used by some people to cure diseases. They started to believe that they will be relieved from the disease. The main thing is to make the subconscious mind believe something, in other words, program it. When we know what we can do with our subconscious mind, we can do things that we think that we are not capable of. So its upto you to have a control over your subconscious mind and achieve ur goals.

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