Windows not booting even after fomatting 4 comments

Recently I was facing an issue with my laptop. There was lot of problems with my system so I used my Recovery CD to re-install everything. Though it said it is going to format the windows partition of the drive, when I saw my system after the installation is complete, I was shocked to see it formatted all my partitions and did the factory restore. My bad, I did not think about what this restore factory defaults will do. I lost all my data :(. Thinking of recovering the data, I downloaded various Data recover software. Finally I found something which is really good - Easeus data recover wizard. I tried to recover data 4 or 5 times, but on all the attempts it stopped at some point and did not give any response.

Suddenly one day my laptop again had some issue and failed to boot. I tried to get into Safe Mode, but it got stuck at loading "CRCDisk.sys". I tried to use my Recovery CD and also Vista CD, to try and get my OS back and running. But even it failed to start the installation. Since my HDD is not detected by Windows XP, even I couldn't install Windows XP. Even I could'nt format the HDD as even the Hiren's Boot CD I used also could'nt load the necessary files that is needed to start up the applications in it.

This is the time I looked out for something like a Live OS, so that I could boot using a CD or USB. Then I came across Bart's PreInstalled Environment. I used the following url to create a Live OS by following the steps mentioned in here. I faced some problem in properly creating the bootable USB from the BartPE. While reading the comments in that link, I saw the PE2USB. It is a software for creating bootable USB from the BartPE. Instead of using the command line steps that were mentioned in the link, we could use this software to create the USB.

I was able to boot up Windows XP from the USB. But I was not able to install the necessary softwares such as Partition Magic in the Windows due to some limitations and also because of the fact that default settings did not include Windows installer in the Windows XP. As I did know much about slipstreaming various softwares in the windows XP, I was looking out for a way to come out of my problem. Further search in the comments on that page, led me to Ultimate Boot CD. It contained many softwares/plugins for creating the BartPE. So I used this to create the BartPE, and then used PE2USB to create the bootable USB.

After that I entered the windows, formatted by HDD and then installed the OS again. Again I tried to recover my data, and still not able to finish it 100%. After this boot problem began to come again and again even after formatting. Now I was very much worried. I was in no clue whether it is a MBR Virus/Registry/driver/software/hardware problem. Sometimes the boot stops at CRCDisk.sys in the safe mode, sometimes in blank screen with "Loading System Files" alone, sometimes blank screen, sometimes infinite restart loop, sometimes in the Loading windows screen, etc. I decided that all my data is gone :(. Then I tried to recovery the data from the Windows XP booting from USB. Now it was able to complete the recovery. Then only I realised that I was using the software in the same partition as I want to recover data. Finally I bought an external HDD and copied my recovered data to my external HDD.

Still I had the boot problem, but I was little happy that I have recovered most of my data. Whenever I install the OS, it will work ok for the first day and again the next day it will not boot. I was search for various CRCDisk.sys problems and there solutions. Some I was not able to try because I did not have enough options in my BIOS to change the settings. I tried installing new drivers, did Low level formatting and many other things. But still the problem existed. Finally I tried to go one step at a time. After I install an OS, I wouldn't install any drivers and see if is booting the next time. This time I also found an option in the HDD properties (MyComputer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> Select HDD -> Properties -> Policies tab) for enabling write caching. By default it was checked. It also had a note that there is chances of data loss. More information about Write Caching can be found here. So I thought I should try to disable this option. Then I started to install one driver at a time and see if the OS is booting without any problems. So far I haven't got any problems :). I hope the reason for boot failures was even before the data is written to disk my system should have shutdown and it should have caused some problems while booting the next time.

Thanks to many resources that helped me come out this problem (Atleast till now) :)

Hope this helps if someone is facing some similar issue. More solutions to similar problem can be found here

Worst Tamilnadu Counseling System 2 comments

There are lots of question about the standard of Education System in TamilNadu. Added to the low standards, the counseling system followed for filling the seats in the Anna university affiliated colleges have become worse in the past few years. Till one or two years after I joined college, the priority given to students for selecting the college was based on the Board Exam marks in the main subjects and also the marks scored by the student in the Entrance Exam (which tests the analytical ability of the student). When the entrance exam was there in effect, students who had analytical abilities had more change to get better rank, and hence good college. Students cannot just get good college with only the by-hearting skill they have. They have to apply their mind to score high in the entrance exam.

The year in which I attended the counseling for joining my college is the turning point in the counseling system. That year had lot of confusions that led to a worst decision by the Education Board in TamilNadu. Lot of problems came in the year, including - arguments on wrong questions, re-evaluation of the Entrance Exam twice, delay in counseling. This is the year which started the argument on whether to have Entrance exams for ranking students for counseling. The argument arose because of the lack of facility for people from outer-city to join couching classes for preparing for the Entrance exams. Since the year had many other problems in the counseling, it paved the way for eliminating Entrance exams for determining the rank.

Now with that decision, the system has got worse. Anyone who can by-heart the subjects very well can get very good colleges. The state board/matriculation education board in TamilNadu is designed for students to think analytically the way it is in CBSE board. There are 1000's of people who score very good marks because of the type of education system in Matriculation/State board. This is a big disappointment for CBSE students. My cousin who studied in CBSE, scored around 190/200 and he ranked 12000 odd and he is now facing difficulty in getting a good college in the counseling.

If the non availability of facility for students out of City is the only reason for eliminating the Entrance exam, shouldn't the TamilNadu Government provided the facility to those people rather than taking such worst decisions !!