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We have heard from lot of people that being happy increases our life span. And it is one fact that we have seen in our lifetime. In recent days there are increased reality shows in Tamil TV channels. Some have humor as the base, and some have dance, talent etc. It all started with the success of "Kalakapovathu yaaru?" and "Jodi no 1" from Vijay Tv. Soon Sun and Kalignar TV followed the same tracks under the names of "Asatha povathu yaaru" and "ellamae siripu thaan" and few other kinds of reality shows. People performing there have great talents to make us laugh and think about it. It is really good that TV channels are bringing out talents from across the state. Many are talented in their own way. People like "Muthu", "Mahesh" etc do stand-up comedies. And there is always a great chemistry between "Robo Shankar" and "Aravind". The list is too big to mention here. But they do a awesome job on screens. The ultimate aim of these shows are too make people laugh, here and there with a message. Most people who do stand up comedies finish their show with a small message at the end. That is a practise followed by Muthu and few other people. Once Muthu said a small story at the end. "A person asked his friend of him to hammer one nail into the wall every time he hurts someone with the words. And pull out one nail everytime he relieves someone from being hurt. Some days after he found that he had hurted more people as there were lot of nails on the wall and he decides to try and remove them. So he tried to control his words and started to be kind to others and soon he pulled out all the nails. The friend then said to that person, though the nails are removed the hole in those spots can still be seen. Likewise words that have hurted others will have that impact even when it is cured. So we should be careful while speaking to others. We shouldn't hurt others with our words. Words once spoken cannot be taken back." (I am sorry, I am not able to type the way he told it, though I tried my best). Every time he used to say something informative or something which will make us think. Even in movies, when there is sudden message after a full length of comedy, we used to be hurt. Likewise the approach followed by Muthu and others have good impact on people. Credits to all those talented people who all make us laugh and think.

This is what techonology did to us... 0 comments

There are few inventions that really changed our lifestyle. And all that is started with the discovery of semiconductor materials. From then on more powerful devices were created which made our life lot easy. Few such inventions are Computers and mobile phones. Few days back, I was watching TV and suddenly a call came. When my mother attended the phone, the call is from a person who is next to my home. And yes, the person is inside the home, and made a call. At one end, people are trying to be as conservative as possible, by sending SMS rather than calling. With free/very low rate SMS, online SMS etc, they are finding it easy to communicate to person at very low cost or even sometimes free of cost. More innovative way of communicating is by a feature discovered by people in the mobile service called "Missed Calls". They give one or two rings and then cut the call. These missed calls have variety of meanings like, "I reached home", "call me back" etc. At the other end people give calls to someone who is very close by, or someone who is in the same flat and thus these technologies are definitely making us lazy.

Shall I say one thing ? 1 comments

How many times have you heard these words from someone in a conversation and ended up hearing nothing ? What if I post something interesting in the topic, and when you read inside there is nothing noticeable? How would you feel in those moments. I have experienced it a lot of times. Some start like they are going to tell something and wont say anything at all. When we experience something like that, it creates a lot of expectation, anticipation, interest etc., and we are all very much eager to hear something from him/her. But we certainly feel disappointed. The person doing that may think that, it will create some kind of interest and it will make the people involved. But what is the negative of these acts ? For the first few times he/she does this, we will try to ask him again and again, on what he started to say. Sometimes we will try to find the news from other sources. When the same is repeated by a person for many number of times, people will slowly stop listening to him. Even if he is going to say something important they wont get the interest to hear from him as he has dodged them several times. So people who are doing something like this often, beware, you might not have many people to listen to you very soon.

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Till few days before exams, most students used to take everything easy. The moment they become aware of approaching exams, they used to formulate plans on what, when and where to study. When they are running short of time, they approach a handy way of preparing for exams called the group study and sometimes, night study as a group. Each day, one students house is picked and students(mostly who stay nearby) who are willing to join the group fly to that students house.

In my life time, whatever group study I do, it has not been successful. So I rarely take on group studies. What will happen in a group study ? When there are many students, if someone starts a topic, "Hey man, you know one thing..... blah blah", then the conversation will continue for ever and ever. In some homes, more than studying we will eat snacks and we wont realize how time passes by. Sometimes there will be a lot of misunderstanding between students in a group and we wont be able to move an inch towards studying. If they mutually will to take a break in between the studies, it is very hard to make up their mind for a group study again. Even worse if a group study happens at night. When a person takes a nap, seeing him others will also tend to lose concentration and will sleep without even switching off the lights. And there are many more problems that I see in Group study. And another funny thing that happens in a group study is that, the one who teaches will score less than one who listened. My friend used to teach some people including me in the later part of my college, and he used to score less than some of us who listened to him.

Having said that, let us see the advantages. Let us assume that the students who are all involved in the group study are very much interested (or may be, they are under compulsion).
1) You could learn a lot by teaching others. You could remember the points more, if you teach others.
2) If you are listening to someone who is teaching, you save time understanding the concept in the subject. Time saving is an important advantage behind group study. Hence it is the most opted approach by students when they are running out of time.
3) When many combine to study, each one puts in their own ideas, and the result is you discover something new from others and you give new points to others. Sharing of knowledge takes place.

Few points to keep in mind for the group study to be better and successful
1) If and only if, everyone in the group is interested.
2) There should not be any lag in understanding or explaining concepts. In other words, everyone in the group should be maintain same pace. If someone is lagging, either he can try to speed up or others can slow down. The person who is explaining to others should definitely have patience to explain clearly to others.
3) It is better for everyone to understand the basics of the subject first. If not, someone can teach the basics needed to everyone. If everyone understands the basics, everyone can take on different topics, study them individually, then each one has to explain one by one to everyone. By following parallelism, huge amount of time can be saved.
4) It is important to list down all the points while explaining to others. If there is lack of communication between the students, then 10 points will be said by the one who is teaching, 8 points will be remembered by the person and when one is about to write the exam, he will write only few points and not all. So it is important to remember all points. Something can be used as an example to remember the points.

Big circle around the Moon 9 comments

Two days before in Chennai, we were able to see a big circle around the moon, and it become the talk of the city. I managed to take a snap of the sky with the moon and the circle. But the circle is cut at the top and the bottom. And when I saw the snap in my camera, the circle was visible. But when I put that in my laptop, I am not able to see anything. So I used photoshop to change the color, brightness properties to show the circle very slightly. The next morning, newspaper THE HINDU had the snapshot which is really good (of course they have a better camera than me, lol).

The ring is caused by conditions that are similar to appearance of rainbow. The rainbow is formed when light from sun passes through water droplets in the atmosphere and are split into colors like when a light passes through a prism. These rays are reflected from the other side of the droplet and what we see is the rainbow. Similarly here the circle is formed by refraction of moon light (light from sun reflected by moon) from ice crystals in the atmosphere.

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Tips: Interview 1 comments

Interview, as believed by most people, is one of the fascinating, thrilled moments in many people's life. Freshers face a tough time in getting into the working scenario through the hiring process. So here are some points which are mainly concentrated on the freshers and to be more specific, for people going to attend the campus interviews.

Most companies have their hiring process following some particular order. It may start with written test like verbal, non-verbal, aptitude, academic etc., and go through Group Discussion (GD), Interview with MD through phone or Technical Interview or HR interview etc.

Before getting into it, here are somethings that may improve your confidence.
Waking up your "Subconscious Mind"
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Imagination leads to Creativity
Self Confidence vs Inferiority Complex

Self-Confidence matters a lot in the process. So have faith in yourself first. Have a positive approach and believe that you are going to get through.

Before the hiring process starts, we need to prepare a resume.
1) Resume is something which we use to express our qualities to the interviewers.

i) The resume should be very much unique, short and simple. 2 or maximum 3 pages will be more than enough. It should be properly aligned and should have a proper order (You could follow any of the resume formats available) .

ii) If you are going to have another resume template as an example to prepare your's, then you should know each and everything in the resume, even what you have said in your objective, your aggregate etc.

iii) Also I have been said, not to have fancy email ID's. And some people said, that not to have underscore _ in the email Id. I dono what is the reason for it. But it is good to avoid it.

iv) Your objective should not have repeated words. Use simple but powerful words.

v) In your Resume, write about your Educational qualification, Area of Interest, Academic records/activities (projects, paper presentations, organising events, Industry visit etc.,) , Co-curricular activities, your skill sets (technical and communication) etc.

vi) Most people write the Educational qualification starting from the recent most qualification.

vii) Be careful while writing your area of interest. Make sure you know much about what is written there. Because if the interviewer is knowledged in that area, he will corner you with lots of questions.

viii) Events you won should be given more priority. Its good to have less importance for participating events, though it will contribute at times. Some times alternate words for "participation" can be used, like "modelled/constructed/developed so and so for the so and so competition" instead of "participated in so and so competition". If you are going to write about Industial visits, again beware, you should know about it.

ix) Give more importance to projects and paper presentations, as these are some examples of you working in team, and being able to express your views which is most expected from a company.

x) Hobbies , if you are writing, should be unique. If you write like hearing music, reading books, some question that might arised in the interview will be who is your favourite musician/writer etc., and you may be asked to name some of his/her other works.

2) Now lets start with written tests. These tests are given mostly for eliminating people in large numbers and it is also a quick and easy process for them. Since people can be trained in some platform where they need to work, generally companies (especially IT) hire people who have better communication skills. So verbal part and aptitude part (testing your analytical and creative skills) are very important. Whereas core companies concentrate on how knowledged you are, with little bit communication skills. But no matter what company it is, we can't just ignore communication skills.

i) About test related to your syllabus/academics, you have to know lot of the basics in subjects.

Here are few links that are related to tests.
Objectives over Descriptive
"Learn to teach" to "learn from teaching"
More you study more marks ?
How do I learn Maths ?
(There are some points in these link, which may help you for objectives)

ii) About Verbal, Nonverbal parts, I am advised by my friends to get the books Barron's GRE book and RS Agarwal's Verbal and NonVerbal and for quantitative apps, go through RS Agarwal's quantitative apps.

My friends also suggested me to get Shakunthala Devi's two puzzle books and George Summer'ss puzzle book and asked me to work out. More you practise, faster you can answer the questions.

Regarding remembering GRE words, In one training we are asked to remember words by imagining a picture. In that way we are associating every word and meaning to something. So we would be able to remember better. This is one of the NLP technique.

3) Coming to GD, I have already made a post on that. Check Tips: Group Discussion for points on GD.

4) If you can talk well before a group of people, and on stage, there won't be much fear to answer the MD in interview through phone. However here comes our listening abilities and how we approach with people who are unknown to us.

5) Technical Interview: Mostly the interview will be centered around your area of interest. Some Interviewers may deviate from this and go about their area of interest, lolz. If you are given any problem to solve, dont give up even if you don't know. Try something with your knowledge. How you approach certain problems and how is your interest to solve the problem are looked upon.

6) HR Interview: There are many do's and dont's in interviews. Like, before getting into the room ask for an excuse, greet the interviewers (and also shake hands) , never sit before they say to do so (if not said for a long time, kindly request the interviewer. Careful with your words), dont say answers in single words (like no, yes. Try to give the explanation before they ask you.) etc.

i) There are many common interview questions. This (mirror) document lists 64 common HR interview questions and how to answer them. Added to it, I would like to tell few more points.

Your answer to "Tell me about yourself" (which is hte first question in most of the HR interviews) should explain everything about you (what is in the resume) and should be less than a minute. If the interviewer already know your name, or addressed you with your name, dont start with "My name is so and so". Follow a proper order while saying about yourself. Emphasize more on your projects and paper presentations. You should control what should be the interviewers next question. When you say something interesting in your "About yourself" question the next question will be from that area.

Whatever question they ask, try to make them ask from your favorite field or from what you know. Like "Do you have team work abilities?" - Answer to this in such a way that you bring in your project work which you did as a team. Next question will be explain about your project. Then you can tell more (if you had done your project yourself, lol)

ii) Perform SWOT analysis before getting to the interview. You should know yourself in and out.

iii) There are chances that you may be given a puzzle to solve or you may be put in some imaginary situations and they may ask you what you will do in those cases. Though you can't prepare much for this, you can gather some questions that are asked before from your friends, seniors or in internet. You may also be asked question that will create impatience in you, like going into your personal life/ situations in your personal life (stress Interview). Don't show your anger there.

iv) While answering, avoid getting into fields that you don't know and putting yourself in trouble.

v) Don't answer in too long sentence. It will make you less audible or clear to the interviewer.

vi) More important, before getting to the interview know more about the company. Use their website. Be updated with current affairs. Know the news that has come recently about the company. You should show your interest towards the company.

vi) Another important thing - Be honest.

vii) When given a chance to ask for a question - dont ask them "what will be my salary?". Try to ask question that is really important. However there is nothing wrong if you did not ask anything - and again, dont just say single word "no".

viii) Keep a smiling face, be cool (don't get irritated by the questions asked by the interviewer), don't loose your confidence.

All the best.

Yahoo Messenger - Message Archive 0 comments

Message Archive is a feature in Yahoo messenger to log chat conversations. The conversation will be saved in a encrypted text format in a folder created for your yahoo ID in Yahoo installation directory (So if you format your drive, it will be also erased). This feature helps me lot of times to have a look at the previous conversations. Most people are unaware of this feature. So here is how to use the feature.

First you need to enable the feature.
1) Open yahoo messenger and sign into it.
2) Click messenger -> preferences in the main window.
3) Click Archive
4) Choose one of the three options available.
i) Yes, save all my messages
ii) Yes, save all my messages, but clear them each time I sign out.
iii) No, do not save any of my messages.

Once you select option 1, all chats will get saved in your computer. Now you can see any chat that is made after enabling the feature. Go to contact -> message archive in the main window to see the log or right click a person in your list and choose message archive.

Tip: In the instant conversation window, press F2 to see the time and date of the conversation.

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