Updates in Blogspot Template Generator

Update 5 : Version 2 Released

Update 4 : We have moved Trix TG to a new domain, Please Visit here

Update 3 : Google Group for TrixTG, Orkut Community for TrixTG

Update 2 : We have started working on creating a newer version of TrixTG with improved user interface and additional features. Suggestions regarding the same are most welcome.

Update 1 : Header2 - bug in html code generated is fixed. I dint have any clue on how i made such silly mistake.


Der Kaizer said...

sorry, but i've been trying to load your template generator from my FireFox , but this message keep popping up "There is some problem initialing the request to the server. Make sure you have the latest Flash Plugin. Using Firefox is recommended. Sorry for the inconvienience". i used FF 3.0.8 in WinXP SP3, installed latest flash, java, and shockwave plugin.
can you tell me why ? here's my e-mail randhy@gmail.com

thanx a lot... :)

Trix said...

Open this in your browser http://theinvisiblecity.110mb.com/Extras/TrixCG/HexColorCodeGenerator.swf In case you are not able to see this flash content..... you will require flash plugin installed. (In case the browser is downloading the file, go to below link and check whether you have the flash plugin installed)

This is what you want to download

Make sure you haven't blocked the flash contents and Make sure you have internet connection while loading the already available templates.

If you have saved the page for offline viewing, then while loading already available templates, internet connection is required.

If you have all these and still the error is popping up, just try using Internet Explorer

Trix said...

Forgot to mention that, You cannot load the templates after saving the page in your system.

The application is designed to load templates only from this blog. Everything other than that will work fine

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