Opera Mini 5 - Beta For Download

After a long wait, Beta of Opera mini 5 has been released. I was very excited to download and use it for the first time. I just quickly went through the options in Opera Mini 5 beta with my Nokia 5310 and thought of writting a review.

Features I found in Opera Mini 5 Beta
1) Tabbed Browsing : This is the feature that I have been looking for and I feel that it is very late for Opera to release this feature. But due to Limitation in memory I guess we can't have many tabs.
2) Password Manager : Now we can store passwords for websites. But I guess only one username and password for a Website.
3) Speed Dial in Start Page
4) Folders in Bookmarks.
5) Select and Copy Text.
6) Better Javascript Support: After google has made a drop down for settings in the home page, I was not able to get the drop down. But with Opera Mini 5, I was able get the drop down.
7) Directly Edit in Text Box: With this feature I am facing difficulty in entering Passwords which is much easy with Phone editor. Also Select Box Drop down is displayed in the same page without moving to different screen to select the option. Thank God I found there is option to turn it off in Advanced options of Settings.
8) Save Page Folder: We can specify where the saved pages should be stored.
9) Pop Ups: Can be Switched On.
10) Google Search Box

Inteface is Really good and have been designed with mobiles with Touch Screen and Keypad in mind. You wouldn't have imagined how well is the tabbed browsing than what you see in Bolt or Tea Shark or other browsers.

In the Negative Side...
1) There has been some changes in Menu, Go, Back and other Keys. So I have not yet get used to it.
2) I was expecting support for flash. Lolz I know it is a bit too high
3) I was Expecting a lot more ajax support. Example, I was not able to open Campaign Page in Adwords. Google says Opera browser is not supported for Latest interface
4) Already many times Opera Mini Stopped working some times due to Out of Memory error and I have to restart the application.

But it is just a Beta version and bug fixes will be coming soon :). So let us wait for the final release :)

I have written this post just by giving a quick glance at the browser, and I need to explore more to find out other pros and cons in the browser.

Let the final version be out :)


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