Worst Tamilnadu Counseling System

There are lots of question about the standard of Education System in TamilNadu. Added to the low standards, the counseling system followed for filling the seats in the Anna university affiliated colleges have become worse in the past few years. Till one or two years after I joined college, the priority given to students for selecting the college was based on the Board Exam marks in the main subjects and also the marks scored by the student in the Entrance Exam (which tests the analytical ability of the student). When the entrance exam was there in effect, students who had analytical abilities had more change to get better rank, and hence good college. Students cannot just get good college with only the by-hearting skill they have. They have to apply their mind to score high in the entrance exam.

The year in which I attended the counseling for joining my college is the turning point in the counseling system. That year had lot of confusions that led to a worst decision by the Education Board in TamilNadu. Lot of problems came in the year, including - arguments on wrong questions, re-evaluation of the Entrance Exam twice, delay in counseling. This is the year which started the argument on whether to have Entrance exams for ranking students for counseling. The argument arose because of the lack of facility for people from outer-city to join couching classes for preparing for the Entrance exams. Since the year had many other problems in the counseling, it paved the way for eliminating Entrance exams for determining the rank.

Now with that decision, the system has got worse. Anyone who can by-heart the subjects very well can get very good colleges. The state board/matriculation education board in TamilNadu is designed for students to think analytically the way it is in CBSE board. There are 1000's of people who score very good marks because of the type of education system in Matriculation/State board. This is a big disappointment for CBSE students. My cousin who studied in CBSE, scored around 190/200 and he ranked 12000 odd and he is now facing difficulty in getting a good college in the counseling.

If the non availability of facility for students out of City is the only reason for eliminating the Entrance exam, shouldn't the TamilNadu Government provided the facility to those people rather than taking such worst decisions !!


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