Waiting for Opera Mini 5 to be released

I bought my first cellphone just when I was about to join a Software Company after finishing my Under Graduation. I had no clue about the models available in phones and my brother was the one who helped me chose a model. After some searches and comparing the features available with prices, we ended up buying Nokia 5310 Express Music. That was also the time when I had just finished developing the Blogspot Template Generator. When I joined the company, we had many restrictions on the kind of websites that we could browse. Eventually Blogger is also blocked. Fortunately I got Airtel connection and came to know about the GPRS connectivity and the plans. At that time I din't know about Opera Mini and I was using the Nokia Default browser to browse the net. One day, when I tried to explore the phone I came across Opera Mini which is already installed. I was suprised to see websites in that small screen pretty much same as viewed in a PC. I checked the version and found it to be version 2. Quickly I browsed and updated the version to 4.2

As my phone is a java phone, I could'nt find any better Browser than Opera Mini (Recently I could find browsers like TeaShark, Bold etc trying to compete with Opera Mini). The features that i like the most in opera mini is the way it allows us to Zoom in and out, Rendering pages similar to desktop browsers, pretty good JS support, displaying colors matching the images (when images are disabled), speed at which the pages loads, swithcing between mobile and desktop views, full screen landscape view etc.

Being a jar file, It couldn't afford to consume lot of memory, so the file size is kept to around 200Kb and hence lot of features could'nt be embedded which I would have liked to see. Almost 2 years after version 4 released, I am still waiting for an update from Opera Mini. I would love to see some great changes for the wait the users of Opera Mini are having. I am expecting features like Tabbed browsing, Multiple File Downloading if possible with resume capability, and Flash Support embedded in it or may be Client Side Javascript. Though the anticipation from me is pretty high, I heard that Opera Mini is already trying to bring in Flash Support.

I hope Opera Mini 5 will be worth a wait.


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