Why do we have PERIODS in School/College ?

May it be a school or a college, we are used to a period of 30 mins to 1 hour classes and Subjects keep on changing every period. The staffs have two advantage if they take classes continuosly for two periods. They cover more portions than taking two classes separately. And also staffs need to do a recap when taking class separately in two periods. But still most staffs prefer separate classses or giving breaks between the classes. One reason is that, the staff find it difficult to keep on taking classes for a long time. Another reason I came across recently while attending a communication class.

In the communication class that I attended, the staff showed us a set of 25 to 30 commonly used english words, and there is also one 3 word name of a person included in the middle of the list. The staff asked us to keep in mind as much words as possible. After some 30 seconds, the staff switched off the slide and asked us to write down all the words that they could recollect. After all of us were done, she again showed us the list, and asked us to cross check what all we have wrote, and what all we have missed. The staff asked us do you find any patterns in which we have remembered the words. Almost all the people attending the section had got most of the words that were at the TOP and BOTTOM of the list, and we were'nt able to remember most words that were in the middle of the list. Another suprise is that, we all have remembered the 3 word name. The staff then concluded that, Human brains are most concentrating at the start of a section and at the end of the section and they used to drift away in the middle. However when there is something unique or interesting it is naturally noticed by Human brain. Hence most of the people were able to remember the name. And our brain can't continuosly concentrate 100% for more than 20 or 30 mins.

This is the reason I realised for the Periods we have in schools. So if you are a staff and if you don't like giving breaks inbetween classes, have a rethink in your strategy to grab the attention of the students.

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