20000 Hits

I am glad that this blog has reached 20,000 hits as shown by Stats Counter. A little over one year after the commencement of this blog, and this also the 100th post in this blog. Since I was not able to find much time to write posts for the past several months, there has been very low post counts in past.

A quick stats, on the ratings given to posts as of now,
Group Discussion Tips, tops the ratings with an average of 4.86 from 22 votes.
Trix Template Generator follows it with 5 average for 3 votes,
Followed by Thirukural Widget, Big Circle Around the moon Posts with 4.33 for 3 votes.

I would like to make more posts in the future to keep the blog alive. Do check my website meanwhile, www.e-infotainment.com


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