Future of Software Engineers ?

For the past one or two years, the IT industry haven't seen much growth, as it had seen in the last decade. And due to the recession occured last financial year, there is huge impact every where in all fields. I have got placed in one IT company during the last year of my college. I was expecting that the company would call us withing a month or two after our college is over. But sadly I have been sent a mail that we will be called only after 8 months (thanks, that they had the courtesy to inform us). A month or two later, started all the problems in the IT industry - the recession. This further worsened the chances of getting into the company early. Fortunately I was placed in another IT company which called me 4 months after finishing my college. But the future of people who got placed in the first IT company remainied a question mark.

When I joined the second IT company, I was feeling great, My first job, in a company that I expected, in a job I like. The intake by the company in that year (through campus recruitment) was more than 7000. We need to undergo a training before being put into production. We were called in batches of 400 - 800, and there were atleast 2 or 3 batches coming every month. Till one or two months before we joined, the training period was around 3 to 4 months. The training period for us was 6.5 months (no projects in production ??). To keep up the promise, they have called all the people who have been placed. But due to the trend in the past one year, the training system got tougher, and only 60 to 70% cleared the training successfully. Others got a better option now :) There are many other policy changes in the company in the last year, but I am not supposed to make a post on it here.

The other company have finally called my friends, 3 months after their previously announced date. A gap of over 1 year, is a high price paid by them for being selected in the company. Even after them being called, the future in the field is a big concern for them. Many are confused on whether to stay with them, or move ahead with other options like higher studies.

So being in the current situation, whatever may be the field you are in, if you need to sustain you have to give your maximum efforts.


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