Try Giving a Break

Recently I have been writing a code for developing an application. Many problems came in my way as usual, as I am not an expert in the Language. I was searching for solutions for each of my problem in the net. Mostly I will find a solution. Sometimes, I will have to really search a lot for finding a solution and sometimes I get the answer very soon. Once I got a problem and I am not able to find the solution easily. I have made all possible searches in Google (You will get your solution if you search in the right way. Because I always believe that, I am not the only one affected with the problem. There will be someone else already having that problem and have come up with a solution. So I always recommend google for many of the problems, as it is the best search engine I have seen). After a long span of searching, I am fed up and I was thinking of compromising myself with someother alternative. Before doing so, I stopped searching for a while, and then went out for sometime. Later I came back, searched for the problem again, and to my suprise I found the answer.

When you are constantly doing something, you will be in the same attitude. When you divert yourself and come back, there are chances that the way you look into a problem changes. This strategy applies in many such situations and even in your personal life. So try it later having a break if you have a problem that is lasting for a long time.


faye said...

they say take a break if you feel exhausted it could be a nice idea to find the solution in every problem...

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