5 mins faster

Punctuality is something very important in our life. It creates an impression to others that he/she is interested towards something. Back in home, the struggles we come across to be there on time is pretty high. Everyone will have their own problems at home. It makes them start very late and rush to the place for reaching there on time.

Now I am not here to talk about the punctuality, but something which most people do to try being punctual. I am talking about "setting the clock at home 5 or more mins faster". It is something most parents do to make their children get ready on time. Though it is a good strategy, will it be efficient if the children/whoever knows that the time is already 5 or more minutes faster ? Definitely not. It is good if the person doesn't know about the timing. But once he/she gets to know the correct time, the person will think that "Yay, we have few more minutes. Clock is kept few minutes faster than actual."

What are the other effects of this ? Everytime we have to subtract few minutes to know what is the current time. Everytime a guest comes, we have to tell the guest, "its not yet time, the clock is 5 minutes faster". Are these things needed ?


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