Back to child hood days

At times of trouble or disappoinments, we may think that "It would be great if I am still a small kid, unknown of any problems, enjoying play, running here and there, no ego, no selfishness, no lies". Inshort we would like to be in a trouble free world. Three or four years back, when I went to my relatives house in my native, I saw a small brick like game in my relatives house. There will be large number of small bricks and we could use them to build some buildings. Childrens used to play this with fun, constructing the house, destructing them again and again. I remembered the child hood days and started to build the house.

I successfully built a house and kept that in the show case of my relatives house. Recently I went to that relatives house, and I found that building still there :). So I took the snap of that building as a rememberence. It is always nice to enjoy something which we have lost in the past.


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