Electrons don't move or orbit around a nucleus

Particles are made of molecules, which is in turn made of something called atoms, which has a nucleus and electrons around the nucleus. We are mostly either taught or we think that they are similar to planets moving around the sun. Actually it is wrong. The picture of Electrons moving around the nucleus is an old theory and it is no more followed. Many new theories have come up after that. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that at any moment we cant precisely find the position of an electron. Though we can define space around the nucleus where the electrons can be most likely found. There are many such spaces or structures. They are called S, P, D, F orbitals. Lower Energy levels are found found nearer the nucleus. Depending on how close an energy level is to the nucleus, the structures are classified as 1s,2s,2p.... etc. Electron belonging to a particular energy level, will most likely be found in one such orbital. The circles we draw around the nucleus in the atomic structure are not orbits, but Energy levels. So next time, don't ever say that electrons orbit around the nucleus. If you want to know more information about this, open google and search for "atomic orbitals".


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