Wish you a Happy and "Safe" Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali, also known as Festival of Lights, is one of the widely celebrated festivals. Fireworks and crackers are popular on the eve of the festival. Few years back we used to hear sounds of crackers more than two or three weeks before the Festival day. As years went by, we could hear the sounds of crackers only a few days before the diwali and it is still decreasing. One possible reason is due to the drastic increase in the cost of the fireworks. So people buy the fireworks and wait till the diwali day so that they would have enough fireworks and thereby enjoyment on that day. Another possible reason is that, people have become much aware of the pollution that might be caused by fireworks. But it is just one day for our enjoyment.

Most common advice by people during this period is to be careful while handling fireworks and firing them. When it comes to you, you will be more careful. But make sure others who are around you are safe as well. When you fire a cracker at the middle of a street, make sure you alert the person who is walking on the road. If you ran inside your house, others might not know that there is lighted firework at the middle of the road and it might end up in big problem. It will be a happy diwali only if it is safe. So wish you a happy, prosperous and a safe Diwali.