For people "still" working with IE 6 or less

From the day I started using Internet, I have always been using Mozilla Firefox. The reason why I opted for the browser is its "tab" feature. I don't know whether Firefox is the first to implement it, but I saw that first in Firefox and so started using Firefox. From then, I am feeling cool to browse the net fast without the need for switching between windows. Since I haven't worked much on IE, I don't know much about the features of IE.

Recently, I started writing HTML and Javascript for small applications as you could see here. Though I have completed the application to my satisfaction atleast, but the problems I came across are lots, mainly because I don't know much about HTML and Javascripts. I used to search for particular functions or codes, and link them together with the little bit of knowledge I have. While doing some kind of searching, I saw that, how bad is IE (atleast v6 and below and I heard that IE7 is somewhat better). It is really a tough time for coders, because the same styles used in a HTML look correct in Firefox based browsers, whereas it is wrongly shown in IE and IE is not following standards while displaying some styles. Though the users won't be much aware of how bad is IE, it is good if you could update your IE version to 7 or move to a better browsers like Firefox 3.


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