Group Study

Till few days before exams, most students used to take everything easy. The moment they become aware of approaching exams, they used to formulate plans on what, when and where to study. When they are running short of time, they approach a handy way of preparing for exams called the group study and sometimes, night study as a group. Each day, one students house is picked and students(mostly who stay nearby) who are willing to join the group fly to that students house.

In my life time, whatever group study I do, it has not been successful. So I rarely take on group studies. What will happen in a group study ? When there are many students, if someone starts a topic, "Hey man, you know one thing..... blah blah", then the conversation will continue for ever and ever. In some homes, more than studying we will eat snacks and we wont realize how time passes by. Sometimes there will be a lot of misunderstanding between students in a group and we wont be able to move an inch towards studying. If they mutually will to take a break in between the studies, it is very hard to make up their mind for a group study again. Even worse if a group study happens at night. When a person takes a nap, seeing him others will also tend to lose concentration and will sleep without even switching off the lights. And there are many more problems that I see in Group study. And another funny thing that happens in a group study is that, the one who teaches will score less than one who listened. My friend used to teach some people including me in the later part of my college, and he used to score less than some of us who listened to him.

Having said that, let us see the advantages. Let us assume that the students who are all involved in the group study are very much interested (or may be, they are under compulsion).
1) You could learn a lot by teaching others. You could remember the points more, if you teach others.
2) If you are listening to someone who is teaching, you save time understanding the concept in the subject. Time saving is an important advantage behind group study. Hence it is the most opted approach by students when they are running out of time.
3) When many combine to study, each one puts in their own ideas, and the result is you discover something new from others and you give new points to others. Sharing of knowledge takes place.

Few points to keep in mind for the group study to be better and successful
1) If and only if, everyone in the group is interested.
2) There should not be any lag in understanding or explaining concepts. In other words, everyone in the group should be maintain same pace. If someone is lagging, either he can try to speed up or others can slow down. The person who is explaining to others should definitely have patience to explain clearly to others.
3) It is better for everyone to understand the basics of the subject first. If not, someone can teach the basics needed to everyone. If everyone understands the basics, everyone can take on different topics, study them individually, then each one has to explain one by one to everyone. By following parallelism, huge amount of time can be saved.
4) It is important to list down all the points while explaining to others. If there is lack of communication between the students, then 10 points will be said by the one who is teaching, 8 points will be remembered by the person and when one is about to write the exam, he will write only few points and not all. So it is important to remember all points. Something can be used as an example to remember the points.


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