This is what techonology did to us...

There are few inventions that really changed our lifestyle. And all that is started with the discovery of semiconductor materials. From then on more powerful devices were created which made our life lot easy. Few such inventions are Computers and mobile phones. Few days back, I was watching TV and suddenly a call came. When my mother attended the phone, the call is from a person who is next to my home. And yes, the person is inside the home, and made a call. At one end, people are trying to be as conservative as possible, by sending SMS rather than calling. With free/very low rate SMS, online SMS etc, they are finding it easy to communicate to person at very low cost or even sometimes free of cost. More innovative way of communicating is by a feature discovered by people in the mobile service called "Missed Calls". They give one or two rings and then cut the call. These missed calls have variety of meanings like, "I reached home", "call me back" etc. At the other end people give calls to someone who is very close by, or someone who is in the same flat and thus these technologies are definitely making us lazy.


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