Yahoo Messenger - Message Archive

Message Archive is a feature in Yahoo messenger to log chat conversations. The conversation will be saved in a encrypted text format in a folder created for your yahoo ID in Yahoo installation directory (So if you format your drive, it will be also erased). This feature helps me lot of times to have a look at the previous conversations. Most people are unaware of this feature. So here is how to use the feature.

First you need to enable the feature.
1) Open yahoo messenger and sign into it.
2) Click messenger -> preferences in the main window.
3) Click Archive
4) Choose one of the three options available.
i) Yes, save all my messages
ii) Yes, save all my messages, but clear them each time I sign out.
iii) No, do not save any of my messages.

Once you select option 1, all chats will get saved in your computer. Now you can see any chat that is made after enabling the feature. Go to contact -> message archive in the main window to see the log or right click a person in your list and choose message archive.

Tip: In the instant conversation window, press F2 to see the time and date of the conversation.

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