Impact of Message with humor

We have heard from lot of people that being happy increases our life span. And it is one fact that we have seen in our lifetime. In recent days there are increased reality shows in Tamil TV channels. Some have humor as the base, and some have dance, talent etc. It all started with the success of "Kalakapovathu yaaru?" and "Jodi no 1" from Vijay Tv. Soon Sun and Kalignar TV followed the same tracks under the names of "Asatha povathu yaaru" and "ellamae siripu thaan" and few other kinds of reality shows. People performing there have great talents to make us laugh and think about it. It is really good that TV channels are bringing out talents from across the state. Many are talented in their own way. People like "Muthu", "Mahesh" etc do stand-up comedies. And there is always a great chemistry between "Robo Shankar" and "Aravind". The list is too big to mention here. But they do a awesome job on screens. The ultimate aim of these shows are too make people laugh, here and there with a message. Most people who do stand up comedies finish their show with a small message at the end. That is a practise followed by Muthu and few other people. Once Muthu said a small story at the end. "A person asked his friend of him to hammer one nail into the wall every time he hurts someone with the words. And pull out one nail everytime he relieves someone from being hurt. Some days after he found that he had hurted more people as there were lot of nails on the wall and he decides to try and remove them. So he tried to control his words and started to be kind to others and soon he pulled out all the nails. The friend then said to that person, though the nails are removed the hole in those spots can still be seen. Likewise words that have hurted others will have that impact even when it is cured. So we should be careful while speaking to others. We shouldn't hurt others with our words. Words once spoken cannot be taken back." (I am sorry, I am not able to type the way he told it, though I tried my best). Every time he used to say something informative or something which will make us think. Even in movies, when there is sudden message after a full length of comedy, we used to be hurt. Likewise the approach followed by Muthu and others have good impact on people. Credits to all those talented people who all make us laugh and think.


Usha Sudharsan said...

Kalakkapovathu yaaru is still the best among the tamil channels..

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