Shall I say one thing ?

How many times have you heard these words from someone in a conversation and ended up hearing nothing ? What if I post something interesting in the topic, and when you read inside there is nothing noticeable? How would you feel in those moments. I have experienced it a lot of times. Some start like they are going to tell something and wont say anything at all. When we experience something like that, it creates a lot of expectation, anticipation, interest etc., and we are all very much eager to hear something from him/her. But we certainly feel disappointed. The person doing that may think that, it will create some kind of interest and it will make the people involved. But what is the negative of these acts ? For the first few times he/she does this, we will try to ask him again and again, on what he started to say. Sometimes we will try to find the news from other sources. When the same is repeated by a person for many number of times, people will slowly stop listening to him. Even if he is going to say something important they wont get the interest to hear from him as he has dodged them several times. So people who are doing something like this often, beware, you might not have many people to listen to you very soon.


mastan20 said...

what are you trying to say?

just kidding man. one of the coolest and most frank topics i have ever come across.

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