Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status

My friend in my Yahoo Messenger list used his blog link as status message. That was a good idea to introduce/advertise our blog/website to our friends. Very soon he did that, many of my friends started that practice, including me. But when I tried to include this blogs link as my status in yahoo messenger, I found something interesting. I was able to create a hyperlink kind of thing in Yahoo messenger status message like something as shown below

"Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status" in the above image, is actually a link to this post. When you click at my status, it will take you to this post.

Now how to do it ?
1) After signing into your Yahoo messenger window, open Messenger --> My status --> New status message
2) "http://learnfromeverymoment.blogspot.com/2008/08/hyperlink-in-yahoo-messenger-status.html Hyperlink in Yahoo Messenger Status"
3) Copy and Paste the above thing in quotes (copy without quotes) and save it. You will find something similar to that shown in the picture above.
4) If you want to create your own link, all that you need to do is,
Keep "yourlink anyword(s)" or "anyword(s) yourlink" as your status message. (without quotes).


andreea said...

thanks, it was quite helpful.

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