U love Vijay? U r a fanatic?? Pls not anymore..

When I joined orkut some 1.5 years back, I saw this article posted by a moderator in Ilayathapathy Vijay's community. It is posted some 2 years back. And this not only applies to Vijay fans, but also to all other actors/actress fans of any language. And I am posting the article as he wrote.

I am posting a long write up.. it may test ur patience, but please read through atleast once. Comments are welcome!!!

What I am going to speak about now is a serious matter. I don't know how amny of you will take it in the right sense. But just think about it once.

Today I was watching "Ini Achamillai Achamillai" show in Jaya TV. The topic was about "Fans of cinestars and their fanatism" When I started watching it, a Vijay fan was being interviewed. U ppl mite be knowing that actress Lakshmi is hosting the show.

She asked that fan about what he does during every film release. He was telling like cutouts, banners, paal abishekam etc. Lakshmi asked " Have u fed atleast one child in ur area with milk one day?? How many children are suffering from hunger? Don't u feel that u can do somehting for them?" The guy was speechless and had nothing to say.

Later his mom and sister were in the show telling how that guy fights with his father and others at home in his exteremist fanatism. Now, this is not a comedy show or a drama to laugh at... Its the fact.

There are people who forget their family, responsibilites, career etc and fight with others for silly things proving that their actor is the best ever in the industry. Now wats the use of all these?? The actors' No.1 or No.2 is decided by the industry and their films run. No poll or a fight in the forum can change that.

There were psychological facts discussed like its the fire to achieve and desire to make it big in life that makes us inspired by heroes. It was right there from time of warriors. And moreover, those who earn enough and are packed with day to day work do not involve in these fan club celebrations.

They watch films as an entertainment and enjoy it and of course their thalaivar. Maximum they will do is post a review on the net. Its the burning desire within underprivileged or lesser priviledged people, to project themselves as heroes before others, that makes them spend whatever money they get in these ways.

Now understanding these basic things, finally what do we ppl get by all these?? A satisfaction that we have won over them?? This "we" and "them" is what spoils sleep of many fans. U like an actor, watch him on screen, admire him, join his fans communities, share your thoughts on him, enjoy your time and full stop.

Anything apart from these is a waste of time and energy. For that matter, Vijay has told repeatedly in his interviews, "Don't waste money in the name of cutouts and paal abishegam. Feed the poor in your area with that money. Get books for school children. And remeber always, ur profession, your family and finally only Vijay and my movies."

How many of us have understood this? There is a blind following and many or not followers by virtue or by deeds. The final words from today's show are golden words for every fan like us. "One who realises himself and his potential is the one who succeeds in life. All your favorite heroes whom u worship has done this and realised themselves. If every citizen does this, our country will be full of heroes"

It may sound philosophical and foolish also to many. But sit and think about it and if u feel it is right, spread this message. A packet of milk on a cutout can serve for hunger of 2 kids of a poor family. The cost of cutout or banner erected for showing your hero's power will educate one(or even two kids) of a poor family.

Do more to ur family and ur fellow humans in the name of your actor. That gives him more star power than the cutout or milk or beer you buy for him, wasting your money. You star will anyways be powerful as it is whether you do this or not.

Come out of dream world, face the reality. If atleast one fan changes his mind after reading this, I would be happy for typing such a long message. :-)



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