Self Confidence vs Inferiority Complex

Self confidence and Inferiority complex are inversely proportional. More you have self confidence in one thing, the lesser is your inferiority complex. Self confidence is one of the key points to success in a person's life. So I would like to share some points here on this.

Most people (including me) have inferiority complex. Our natural habits along with the environment around us is one of the reasons for a person having inferiority complex or lower in self confidence. Some have stage fright, some may not know how to express to others what they wanted to, and like that we can keep on adding. There are some instances due to which few get more inferiority complex. For eg., when parents compare their child with a student who is doing better than that child in academics or sports or whatever. How the child takes that comparison, depends on the character of that child. A better way to make the child come up is to boost her confidence by asking the child to do well in the future or offering prizes/gifts. There are more chance for remembering what we learn in childhood, so it is better to direct the child in the right way than to wait till the child has grown up.

There are some useful tips that you could learn to gain in self confidence.
1) Speak to others right from childhood. It helps you to be fluent and bold enough.

2) Learn more stuffs. May it be academics, technology, current affairs or history. It helps you to speak with more confidence because you have more chance of knowing information about topics that you are speaking.

3) If you have stage fright:
i) Before getting to the stage, take some water and take deep breath to reduce your nervousness
ii) Look at the audience as though they don't know anything. Whatever you tell is correct and they don't know anything more than you do.
iii) Think of some person who used to encourage you always say your father or mother, and assume that there are 1000 or more clones of that person standing back of the audience and there to support you and to take care of people who are insulting/bullying you.
iv) Always think of "claps of the audience". Imagine what you would feel if the victory is yours and you are being held up by 100s of people. Imagine the roar that you hear at the situation.
v) Don't by-heart what you want to speak in the stage. Just learn the working. You will then be out of fear.

4) Keep in mind that, everyone are born as child and everyone are prone to mistakes. So don't fear of failures but remember that every failure and success is an experience.

5) Develop positive attitude. I would like you to have a look at the following two links.,
Waking up your "Subconscious Mind"
Positive and Negative Thoughts

6) If you have a feel that you haven't got anything in your life, and you developed inferiority complex within yourself, just go to the outside world and see how many are worse than you. Try to be happy with what you got rather than worrying about what you haven't got.

7) Final and the most important point to gain more self-confidence is "Do what you fear to do." That is the quickest and the shortest way to reduce your inferiority complex. It is evident that, if he have some deadline or compulsion on to do something, we do that job. So put yourself under compulsion.


Lee said...

Good points. Self-confidence is really important for us to be able to do what we want or need to do - even those things that we fear most. Self-confidence makes us believe in ourself that would lead us to succeed in our goals and dreams in life.

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