"Learn to teach" to "learn from teaching"

Many times my friends has approached me for asking help on subjects or other matters. Only a few times I have helped. Sometimes, I know the answer partially or doubtfully and so I won't help him so that I wont mislead the person who is in need for a help. But I may/may not tell the directions on how to get the answer to his questions. Sometimes I may not be in a mood/situation to help others. Sometimes I feel bored.

One day my friend asked me to write some basic C-Programs for him. I know a little bit in C, so replied I will try to write them. However, just giving him what he wants, wont let him improve his knowledge. So I thought to write comments on what piece of code performs what operations. Also gave variable names which he can understand if he sees it (See here). By doing so, I learned to write programs in somewhat more systematic way and also learned some few more stuffs while programming. By this way, I helped by friend, thus helping myself to learn.

So if anyone asks for help from you, take some time to find out the answer for it, so that you may also learn from it.


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