SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a method used to evaluate ones (or may be a corporate or any project) strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Strengths : The characteristics of one, which are helpful to achieve his desired goal. It may be your energy level, your hardworking nature, good habit like punctuality, your specialty/expertise in specific field, communication, body language, creativity etc.

Weakness: The characteristics of one, which are harmful in achieving his desired goal. Almost all the characteristics of strengths when available in the negative sense are weakness to one added with inability to express to others what one think.

Opportunity: External conditions that are helpful in achieving his goal, like working environment, other facilities provided to him, availability of path to the goal, opportunity to express yourself to others like competitions, present trends, innovation etc.

Threat: External conditions that are could damage one's performance. Improper usage of available resource, a new competitor etc., even opportunities that are missed may become a threat etc.

Only when one knows about himself, he can face the external world. With the help of analyzing one strength, weakness, strength, opportunities we can know where we stand and we will know how to use our strengths, converting weakness to strengths, exploiting the opportunities, defending against threat etc. So it is very important to analyse yourself with this strategy. It becomes a handy tool when we want to analyze ourselves before attending an interview, or to decide on which plan to undertake etc.


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