Develop a third person view

Third person, a person or thing other than the speaker or the one spoken to. This is what is said in some dictionary. But I would like to put it in some other way as one who has a broader view on two sides. If you see a common mans life, everyone would have some kind of multiple personality. One would act in one way in one situation, and in another way in the same situation, depending on his mood set. Sometimes we don't know what we are doing and then feel for it after having been done. Some say about the presence of conscience (or in general, inner voice). So what does third person to do with multiple personality and conscience ? As already said, we act in different ways in different situation and sometimes different ways for the same situation. We do what we feel is right at that instant. So we may or may not do the things in the correct way. We sometimes don't analyze all possibilities. When we develop inner voice, we always have someone telling us what we did and what we going to do. You always have a companion. It tells us all the possible ways. You will be able to get the positive and negative of every action. You will have a broader view to analyze. You will make the right decision and which wont affect you and others around you.


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