One One sa One

One one sa one, One two sa two, One three sa three.......

Not getting what it is ? Well if you don't know what it is, or if you don't remember this, this is how kids are taught Multiplication table (may be here in Tamil Nadu) or atleast this is how many kids understand them. What is the real thing behind this ? It is actually One one's are one, one two's are two etc., ( one 1's are one, one 2's are two... etc). I did not know how many have understood like what is in the first line, but I haven't known about this till now. Someone have to save me from my poor english lol.

Not only this, many commonly used words are wrongly judged. Like what a conductor in the bus says is heard as "olden" or something like that. But instead it is meant "Hold On"

And I still don't know the meaning of "Sha bu three" which is used while playing Hide and seek and in many times where they need to eliminate people. And speaking of hide and seek, we used to call that game "eyes boys". I did not know whether it is correct or wrong. But my friend said it is actually "Eye Spies".

Next is the word "couple". When we say as couple we take the meaning as 2 or may be a boy and a girl or may be a husband and wife or may be any 2 people. All these meanings makes couple mean 2. That is how most dictionaries defines the word. But in every days speech, couple means more than one but definitely few. So if some one says "I will return in couple of days" it doesnt mean that it will take 2 days, he may written in few days not necessarily two.

If I am going to get more of similar things, I will definitely update this post.


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