Left Brain and Right Brain Conflict

Here is a small experiment which we used to try as kids. Lift your right leg. Rotate in clockwise direction. Now try to rotate your right hand in anti-clockwise direction. You could see that the direction of the leg changed to anti-clockwise. Now try the same thing with left leg and right hand. You won't see the change you had last time. Reason is that, left side of brain controls right side of your body and right side of brain controls left side of your body. Also brain won't be able to process two opposing information at the same time. Hence your right hand and right leg being controlled by the left brain, is not able to process clockwise and anti-clockwise direction movement of the right leg and right hand at the same time. So one of the direction got changed, and you started to move your leg and hand in the same direction. When you try that with the left leg and right hand, you have left brain controlling your hand and right brain controllng your left leg, thus it is able to process both the information. Hence the direction did not change.

The spinning lady is a optical illusion which many believe that, if we see the lady spinning clockwise, we are at the moment working with right brain and viceversa. I am not sure how far it is true.

Actually we are going to control what direction the lady is going to turn. If we think that the lady is rotating clockwise, we are going to see so and if we think the lady is rotating anti-clockwise, we are going to see so.

If you start to see the lady rotating in one direction, just look at the foot of the more vertical leg (or may be the supporting leg), and imagine how a lady could turn in the other direction. I mean, if we see a lady rotating clockwise, how it will look to us, think of something like that and soon you will find the lady going in the other direction. You can even try this way, just look at the shadow underneath the legs and look at the legs again, you will most likely change the direction of rotation. Try to change the direction in both ways.

I tried to open the same image in both Firefox and in Internet Explorer, and seeing both the pictures side by side. I am able to see different combination of rotations and then I stopped thinking about this picture and posted this.


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