My Brand Old Bike

In a City, we could see enormous number of bikes and cars mainly because of the distance we need to travel to work or to get each and everything we want. All these vehicles create pollution which is one of the reasons for global warming. Though eco-friendly vehicles are under research, one wouldn't forget the two wheeler powered by human legs, the Cycle.

This amazing invention is very useful for short travels to shops, nearby friends house, moving inside large campuses etc. This helps decrease the usage of petrol/diesel and helps reduce pollution. Along with that, cycling is a very good exercise for strengthening our leg muscles.

What you find here is my cycle. I would like to call that my bike as it contains 6 gears. This cycle has been accompanying me for the past 6 years, and it has seen many places in Chennai. I used to go to my friends house in this and because of the gears present I like to ride on this and change gears. I am proud to say that I somewhat helped to reduce pollution I saved lot of fuel, and hence saved money.


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