Demand for domain names

As you see, lot of web developers are giving variety of web pages all around the net. Because of the user friendly softwares , forum packages, template design generators, plugins, readmade codes etc., even a person who doesn't know much about html/xml/javascript can bring out what he wants to do. Because of this, many web page domain names are registered and are being used.

What are domain names? When we look at the back end process, websites / pages are actually accessed by something called IP address. A user needs to know the IP address of the server/ the place where the website pages are stored. Since it is very difficult to remember IP address, websites are given something called domain names like or whatever, which are fairly easy to remember. When we type this domain name in the browser, the DNS (domain name server) is contacted automatically by the browser to obtain the IP address of the particular site and this is used to open a webpage.

So no two domain names can be the same. However we can have subdomains, like this blog, which is a subdomain of or Similarly the sites like 110mb that provide free webhost gives part of their domain to its users with some domain name like

Because of increasing number of web page creators, many domain names are being registered and people are finding it hard to get one good name that they want. This not only occurs with domain names. Even in yahoo mail or gmail , the Ids we require cannot be obtained easily. And we have to try a few times to get our email ID with which we are satisfied. But are the ones who registered these domain names making better use of it ? My answer is no. I just tried to open some blog, that has some common blog names. I chose some common english word, and typed along with that. And in most cases, I found the blog very much idle with only few posts. Though they have got good domain names, that most of us want to have, many havent utilised it. This lead people to search for websites for mails or blogs or free webhost starting newly so that they could obtain names to their wish. Ymail is one such service started by yahoo to overcome this problem for its users.


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