Waking up your "Subconscious Mind"

A question that has been in my mind for a long time - "Whether Science can explain all things in this universe?" or "Whether religions, their sayings can explain this universe?". Though many theories have come up, neither science nor religion explained all things in the universe. Science not able to prove all birth of the universe and other kinds whereas religious followers not able to prove the existence of God.

Meanwhile we have to see something which most of us are unaware of - something supernatural - something which only few people know that they have. Few people have claimed to move or lift objects without touching the object. Many such cases has been shown in the TV. Scientists says that some use science and tricks to make an illusion to others. However science is not able to explain completely the reason for certain cases where it found no such tricks. In such cases, scientists say that these people use the power of mind to move the objects without touching them.

Brain consists of two parts, conscious mind and subconscious mind. Conscious mind is something which we are aware of. Subconscious mind is something which is millions times more powerful and speeder than conscious mind. By practice and repeated actions, we (may be others also) program our subconscious mind. That is why when speaking or driving we dont think and we do work automatically. But when we do new things like learning to drive, we tend to think and use our conscious mind to do our work, which is why we are slow. Around 95% of our activities are performed by our sub-conscious mind.

Sometimes we feel that there is something/force that is responsible for an incident. Say for eg, A person believes that he gets placed in a specific company or gets selected in a specific college and when it actually happens he feels wondered that what he thought has happened. We can call that as our instinct.

Science is now trying to relate the power that the subconscious mind has, with the events of the world and lot of research has been going on in this aspects. They also found some positive results in their research. Some reports say that, power of subconscious mind was used by some people to cure diseases. They started to believe that they will be relieved from the disease. The main thing is to make the subconscious mind believe something, in other words, program it. When we know what we can do with our subconscious mind, we can do things that we think that we are not capable of. So its upto you to have a control over your subconscious mind and achieve ur goals.

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