Positive and Negative Thoughts

Many, even I, have insisted to have positive approach in your life. Having a positive thought will help you to have success in your life. When you believe in you, you will be successful. As always, too much of anything is fit for nothing. Even the positive approach you have should be limited to certain cases. Negative thoughts are also important in certain parts of your life.

If you are so much positive and say that I wont die when I fall from 5th floor of your building, you are certainly a fool. You have to have negative thoughts as well. Positive thoughts helps you to move ahead, and negative thoughts helps you not to move ahead towards danger. Your positive thought allows you to invent something new. Your negative thought helps you to figure out what danger is present in it, how to overcome certain dangers if it occurs.

So be positive in your life, invent , succeed and at the same time don't be over positive. So be negative, figure out the dangerous pits, succeed and at the same don't be over negative.

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