How do I learn Maths ?

Maths - one of the most important subject, that comes with you throughout your life. The only subject which is independent of other subjects. All other subjects receives help from this unique one. Yet most people think that it is the toughest of all subjects.

To me, the subject I like the most is Maths. Of course, most people score more marks in the subject they like and most like the subject in which they score more. Whatever you do with interest, you will succeed in it. So first thing is to develop interest towards it. It is another subject like Physics or Chemistry or English or whatever.

How to prepare for it ? Maths is not a subject to study like other subjects. Other subjects is more of theory whereas Maths is analytical. So you should not train by-hearting Maths. Practise makes a man perfect. So work out as many problems as you can. More important find out shortcuts to solve problems. This will help you save time, and will also make you stand unique among others. Following are some tips that you can follow to excel in Maths.

1) When there is some formula, learn to derive it first. Know what it is the purpose of the formula. When to apply it? What data you will be needing? This will help you to alter the formula here and there to match the question you have.

2) You don't need to keep too much formulas in mind. Most formulas are inter-related. With one or two steps, you can derive at the required formula if you know some basics formulas in each chapter.

3) There are some cases (especially in Choose and proofs) , where we can start from the solution rather than the question. Though it is not a good practice, it saves time for you.

4) When you prepare notes in your class room, don't write all the steps. When you look at your notes in the future, you will question what I have done here, and you will remember the step better. If you write all the steps in the notes, you will skid through your notes and there are chances that you forget things. When learning a problem, make note of important steps alone, eg I have to make a substitution at this step.

5) Do mind calculations for small steps and skip unnecessary steps. Like 5+(3*5)=5+15=20. Here second step is unnecessary.

Hope these are useful to you.

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