Objectives over Descriptive

Right from KG to PG, we have come across two types of questions in our exams.

Descriptive: Questions that expect elaborate answers. It may be a "how" type question, "why" type question etc.

Objectives: Questions that have one word (sometimes a line) answers. Yes or No questions, Fill ups, choose and some "what" type questions comes under this.

Descriptive questions helps us to understand on to what extend we know something. Whole of something or few of something. Objectives helps us understand how well we could analyse on what we know.

Have have you ever wondered why most entrance exams have objective type questions ? why not they chose descriptive ?
Objectives, as I have said above helps us to analyse what we know. People are interested to find out how much analytical you are, how much you work your brains. This is one reason. Another reason is, Evaluators of our answer sheet wont get deceived by the way answer paper is presented and every individuals paper are corrected in a fair manner. The evaluator needs to put correct for the answer which is right, and wrong for the answer which is wrong. There is no question of how much marks to give. It is either 0 or 1. Also Computers can be used for evaluating these type of questions. OMR (Optical Mark Reading or recognition) is used by Machines to evaluate the answer sheets.


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