Knowing your motherboard model

My friend, while browsing his PC, came across this.

If you don't know what is your motherboard model and you don't have the box and the related stuffs like Motherboard driver CD or your motherboard does not have the model name painted on it or if you fear opening the cabinet to avoid risks or you are LAZY to do so,

For xp
Start menu --> run --> type “dxdiag”. On the "system" tab you have the motherboard manufacturer' s name mentioned as "system manufacturer" and model shown as "system model".

For vista
Start menu --> in search space type “run” --> type “dxdiag”. On the "system" tab you have the motherboard manufacturer' s name mentioned as "system manufacturer" and model shown as "system model".

This will be needed if one or more of the above problems exist and you have lost your motherboard driver/utilities cd (and you are in need of it.) You can download it from the respective manufacturer' s website.

However this method wont work in all cases.

1. Fortunately for company-bought laptops the procedure gives the model of the laptop (for e.g. “travelmate.. .”) rather than the mothboard model and the laptop manufacturer’s name rather than the motherboard’s manufacturer’s name. This leads to no problem the reason being that when you search for the “travelmate.. .” (as in the e.g.) in the laptop manufacturer’s website, you get the appropriate drivers. What he mean is that though you have no idea of the motherboard’s model number you indirectly get the drivers and utilities for your laptop.

2. The above method won't work when you have the chipset of one company (e.g. ATI Radeon) on another company’s motherboard (e.g. Intel). He actually witnessed it in Intel D101GGC motherboard which has ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset (This is one which he encountered. There are many other combinations. The chipset model is independent of the motherboard’s). In this case when you follow the procedure you get the chipset model number and the chipset manufacturer’s name.

But there is still some way to find out the motherboard model without opening the PC. there are softwares that can identify the serial number present in the BIOS. By deciphying the serial number you can identify your mother board model through those softwares.

Other Softwares, I found are
1) Tune up utilities - Download install and open the software. In additional tools you will find system information. Apart from this, this software has many other features like, uninstalling some programs that can't be uninstalled/ not removed from Add/remove programs.

2) System information for windows: This software gives information about all the hardwares /softwares installed in your system and about networks also.

First try the dxdiag method, then if you find it not successful (and if you want only the drivers), you can get softwares like driver detective. Else go in for softwares like tune up utilites or system information for windows.


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