Lazy of giving feedbacks ?

People using the internet (ofcourse, not excluding me) are becoming lazy enough and not giving feedbacks/comments about what they get from the internet. When they find some useful stuff from a page, they are not putting a little effort to acknowledge the owner of the website/post. Only a few do that. And only popular websites/blogs get the feedback.

For those who don't blog to earn, users do not realize that comments and feedbacks are the appreciation for their effort. And we cant blame them because either they already know those informations and the post has wasted their time or they have a lot of work or they think that they are copied from other page or they just wanted the owner of website/post to know that he has visited the post and they do not mind to read what is inside the post or they think that it is a spam.

Even if there is something wrong in the content, if someone could comment on it, the other reader will save some time. It doesn't happen mostly in fake download links and the users waste time downloading the whole thing and find that it is useless. Only few have the courtesy to alert the other users.

So how to win the readers ? Long post like what you find in this blog, and that which grinds the same thing can be reduced. Trying out better user interface (Even that needs user feedback). Be an user and analyse what you expect from your site. Bring in matters that are unique. Bring in things that are very difficult to find in the internet. Search with lateral thinking, you will find ideas. Find what others expect, from what you expect from others.

So now, how many comments can I expect for this post ?


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