Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected

Seems like someone was trying to hack Rapidshare, so many IPs are blocked. Old BSNL IPs started with 59.XXX.XXX.XXX and newer ones are So some BSNL users wont be able to download from rapidshare, whereas others will be able to.

In order to, download from rapidshare, we can use proxy. Proxy websites are that which allows us to browse websites that are blocked. The proxy sites acts as mediators between us and the website we want to browse.

To download from rapidshare, when ur IP is blocked
1) go to
2) copy the rapidshare url
3) paste in the space provided.
4) clik surf and wait till the page gets loaded

I found this site working fine for a 50 MB file. Others please comment, if it is working fine for you.


patela_24 said...

thanx man,,it has worked

Trix said...

Gud.. :)

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