Internet - Really Useful ?

Bill Gates dream of Desktop PC at every home is fast approaching reality. Internet is also spreading with the arrival of Broadband. Millions and Billions of pages are created and linked in the Internet. Right from Cooking Tips, Beauty tips, Home making etc., upto finding resources for education, study centers, and other informations on current affairs or technology, we could find virtually anything on the Internet. Internet, because of immediate availability of information, is slowly shadowing the library and other resources, where we need to put little more effect.

For a person who comes with a problem/question, he has an answer surely in this data world. To ease our tasks, searches engines like Google, Yahoo etc., are developed, making us little lazy. Ready made softwares, templates, gadgets, scripts, codes etc., are readily available for download to create astonishing sites by any user who has little knowledge about computer and Internet. But is there information available in all these sites ? When we search for something, we get enormous number of results, though we will look into only few pages of results. Most sites have relatively the same information copied from each other. The site which gives better advertisement and user interface wins the search.

Because of so many likely results, we tend to feel that the information actually is true. We do less analysis on these informations. We believe that they are true. However feedbacks from the other users helps us to understand to how far the information is true.

Let us see in web creators point of view. One set of people create websites for their company or whatever business they have. Others create websites for personal use, to share their personal information with the world. Some try to help others understand or learn something through their forums or blogs. And there is another interesting set which earn from their websites/blogs. There are many advertisers who wish to pay the website owners for every user who clicks on their advertisement. Some pay the website owners for making reviews about them/their sites.

People who have the patience, and knows the inside out of the internet, will earn themselves something from the internet. People who don't know much about these stuffs will let others earn from them.


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