Yesterday Bangalore, today Ahmedabad, tomorrow ?

8 Serial Low intensity blasts rocked Bangalore yesterday, with 2 people reported dead and many injured. Now 17 Serial blasts hits Ahmedabad killing 2 and around 20 injured. All metro cities are now alerted.

India has not seen such attacks in the recent past. Don't know what happiness those X (unknown) group get by doing all these.

Really feeling sad for the victims. Hope this doesn't continue anymore. What else can I do other than writing this post :(


kaushal said...

buddy attacks won't stop till WE youth do spomething.. can't depend on police

Trix said...

Youths like us are behind the cause of these

Pankaj said...

It's for sure that tomorrow will not b safe anytime untill & unless we donot make a strong step to stop this.
It's right from making affort from selecting a right govt. to made a desperate effort by every individual not to let anything wrong happened around us.

Trix said...

Pankaj, u made the right point.

But which generation will see the right government in India ?

Anonymous said...

i heard from one guy that the mission is BACK. bangalore, ahmedabad, chennai, kolkata

TRIX said...

CBI, huh

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