Using Mobile phones during Lightening

Mobile phones have certainly changed our life style. Starting from school children to grandpa, everyone owns a cellphone. Now in many house we could find every member owning a mobile. May it be a Nokia old model phone or N series or Apples Iphone, what question I came across is can we use mobile phones during Lightening or Thunder ?

One day when I am sitting with my relatives, One of the member used his mobile phone to speak with his friend. It was a heavily raining during that time, with lightening and thunder. My father shouted at him, not to use Cellphone while Lightening and thunder.

Reports in China has said, 15 members have lost their life while speaking in mobile during lightening. However there are no proofs or evidences to justify the incidents. And many claim that Electromagnetic waves, which the cellphones uses, has no capability to carry thousands of watts of power from the lightening and the user might have struck only if he/she has been near/under highly dangerous places/peaks which could easily conduct electricity as it might have greater chance of lightening striking that place.

Whatever may be the actual fact, which is unknown, it is fairly safe not to use the Mobile phones during Lightening unless and otherwise it is important or an emergency.


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