Laptop display / LCD display problems

I have come across some problems in LCD display or Laptop displays.

1) Green, Red, Blue or some other color - vertical lines
First one line will come, and with continuous usage within one or two months you will get more than 10 vertical lines in your display.

2) Grey Vertical bars
Similar to lines, this will also increase, the darkness of these bars will increase as days goes by

In above two cases, there is problem with your LCD display and you have to replace it.

3) Screen becomes blank with some green or some other color filling the screen
I dint find any reason why I get this. But if you shutdown the system and then start it again, your display will work again.

4) Sometimes laptop get switched off adrubtly.
It might be due to over heating. The processor needs to shutdown during over heat, and so such a mechanism has been put in. If it is not shut down, it will damage your processor. Reason for overheating is there is a lot of dust inside the laptop or in the fan. Or the processor might be doing high resource taking process like, video encoding. Make sure you have enough ventilation at the back of the laptop. Since laptops are tightly packed it doesnt have much ventilation as in desktop PC.


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