CAT Question Papers Collection

My friend asked me to search for CAT previous years Question papers. I searched in Net and found these. So thought of sharing with you all.

Download Here
Size: 7.1 MB

Update: As per request, again I searched for some CAT papers with answers and I found this
Download Here
Size: 2 MB

Update : I have no idea whether it is originally 2008 papers... But managed to get it from another site, with little bit of search. Someone please confirm it :)
Download Here

CAT-1999 Test.pdf
CAT-2000 Test.pdf
CAT-2001 Test.pdf
CAT-2002 Test.pdf
CAT-2003 First Test.pdf
CAT-2004 Test.pdf
CAT-2005 Solved.doc
CAT-2005 Test.pdf

Files in second zip file
CAT 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 papers with answers

Note: Due to retest, you may find different question and answers in two papers of the same year. So make sure that you have the right answer for the right question.

I found another page with lot of collections,


Anonymous said...

pls post the full solution

Trix said...

I will try to get it..

Trix said...

I have added links to few more papers with answers.. I request to notify me, if anymore papers are found with answers in net.

Anonymous said...

thank u very much,,,,i was searching for a collection,,,,,i got it here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude...I have been looking all over the net.A special treat if I do well this year.

nitin said...

hi ,
if you wanna some thing more ...
i have a collection at

just check it out ....

waise what do you do .....and nice blog ..

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Hey such a good was really useful...thanx dude...

Sumit Jain said...

Thanks For Share. I Also Have Some Links Where You Can Finds Sample Test Papers and CAT Mock Test

previous years question papers of CAT said...

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Anonymous said...

CAT previous year papers...

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, Can you please provide me free online exam papers. I am preparing for CAT Mock Test 2018-19 and i want it to get better marks.

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