Want to wake up early ?

Technology, in the recent past has shown unimaginable improvements. Right from the start of the day we are seeing and living with technology. It starts from ringing of alarm from the clock. Each day we have more and more work and the time we spend for sleep is decreasing constantly. We very often have to wake up early in the morning. We use alarm to aid us in waking up early. We use clocks and now cell phones to keep alarms. However Technology is bound to fail any time and may screw you sometimes when it is really important for you to wake up.

During my school days I used to wake up early for studying rather than sitting at late nights. I do not know, but I rarely get up hearing the alarm. My mother used to wake me up. What if my mother and me are at sound sleep ? What if the alarm clock fails ? What if I dint keep my alarm at proper time ? What if I forget to switch on the alarm ? All these questions puzzle my mind everytime I go to sleep before my exam days.

One day my friend said to me something. Now wait, before proceeding you should promise that you wont laugh or scold me. What he said is to drink a liter of water before going to bed and next day I will get up early at "nature's call". Even though you wont get up precisely at the time you require, it prevents you from putting yourself into serious trouble. And yeah, drinking water is good for health. Though this idea said by friend sounds silly, I used to follow it sometimes.

Another way is to train your body to wake up at the same. When you go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time (using alarm) for a long period of time, your body gets trained to wake up at that time and you will wake up automatically as days goes by.


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