Cows and Bulls: An English word game

Well do not worry how this game got its name, even i don't know how. This game become very much popular in my class, when I am doing BE - final year and we used to play even while classes going on.

This game is more like "Yaar manasula yaaru" (a program in Vijay Tv, where a guy finds out a person who is kept in mind by another person by asking him some questions for which the other person should answer him only yes or no).

In this game, a person thinks of a 5 letter word (no repeated letters) and the other person needs to find out that word.

How to play the game:
* A person will think of a English word (with some meaning... and no names)...

* It should contain only 5 letters.. and no repeated letters in it

* Second person have to find that word...

* Second person has to tell a maximum of 10 words..(all should not have any repeated letters) one by one.

* Each time the person gives a word... the one who thinks the word has compare that with his word... and should say how many letters are in the same place as the word(Bulls) and how many letters are misplaced... (Cows).. if no letters are there in that word.. then he has to say 0.

eg) If I think of the word... ready
and someone gives the word as "trace"
letter 'a' is in the same place...
letter 'e' & 'r' is misplaced
and other two are not there....
so I will tell 2C , 1B .... (Meaning 2 cows and 1 Bulls)

* Like wise maximum of 10 words can be given... and the answer should be found in that 10 words... The second person has to work out his minds to figure out which letters comes in which place and finally find out the word.

Seems interesting ? why not play with your friend ?


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